Tamil Nadu minister denies holding talks on Cauvery issue, says will move court

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Tamil Nadu Water Resources Minister Duraimurugan on Wednesday said the state had no option but to approach the Supreme Court to ensure its quota of Cauvery water from Karnataka.

“It is not a big thing to call an all-party meeting. Let’s wait until September 21 (court hearing) and then decide. No need to call for it before the court hearing,” stated Duraimurugan.

When asked if the Tamil Nadu Government would seek an expert committee to review the water shortage claim of the Karnataka government, Duraimurugan stated that the court might order it.

“They didn’t agree to a tribunal itself, but we argued and got the tribunal. We have fought every step for the right of the people,” stated Duraimurugan.

Duraimurugan said talks were not fruitful; hence the decision to move legally was taken. “As we couldn’t find an amicable solution through talks, we approached the court. Again, if we open talks, we would lose the legal weapon,” stated Duraimurugan.

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Sep 13, 2023


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