Woman posts about Bengaluru bike driver who has an IT job. Rapido reacts

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Bengaluru never fails to amaze as people there are not scared of hustling hard. However, the recurring issue of traffic snarls is always there in the country’s IT hub, which is kind of irritating but gives rise to a lot of stories. An X user named Shruti recently shared one such ‘Peak Bengaluru’ moment that features her Rapido driver.

Bengaluru residents often face the struggles of unpredictable traffic and changing autorickshaw fares, leading to delays and missed appointments. However, amidst these everyday challenges, Shruti found out that her Rapido driver was actually trying to rectify the situation.

In her post, Shruti shared a moment she called “Peak Bengaluru.” During a regular Rapido ride, she was surprised to learn that her driver wasn’t just an ordinary driver but, in fact, a corporate manager at a major company.

Shruti’s post emphasised the idea that anything is possible in Bengaluru, showcasing the city’s unique character.

Take a look:

The post garnered attention, and Rapido’s official handle responded appreciatively, expressing their joy at providing delightful rides. “Hi Shruti, we are grateful for your kind words towards our captain. After reading your post, we are really pleased and we hope your upcoming rides with us will be delightful. Keep riding with Rapido,” they wrote.

You are certainly free to be anyone in Bengaluru!

Published By:

Srimoyee Chowdhury

Published On:

Dec 27, 2023


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