Yuvan Shankar Raja supports AR Rahman amid concert fiasco, slams organisers

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AR Rahman is in the news after his ‘Marakuma Nenjam’ concert in Chennai was slammed for mismanagement. Yuvan Shankar Raja, a fellow composer in the Tamil film industry, shared a statement in which he extended his support to Rahman. In his statement, he came down heavily on the event organisers and producers without mentioning their name. He said that musicians now need to get involved in planning the concert and ensure safety for women, children and the elderly.


AR Rahman performed live at ‘Marakuma Nenjam’ at Adityaram Palace in Chennai on September 10. People with valid tickets weren’t allowed inside due to overcrowding, women were molested, children and the elderly were displaced in the crowd.

Hours after the mishap, Yuvan Shankar Raja took to his social media pages to share his take. He extended his support to Rahman and criticised the organisers.

His post read, “Organising an event of the magnitude of a concert is an immensely complex task, involving numerous moving parts, from logistics and crowd control to traffic management. As unfortunate as it is, mishaps such as overcrowding and other unforeseen problems have happened during concerts of such magnitude, owing to several reasons including organisational missteps. Even with the best intentions, things can go awry, causing intense distress to the very people who make our music meaningful – our fans (sic).”

Speaking about the event organisers, he wrote, “It’s crucial that event producers and organisers reflect upon this incident. As performers, we place our trust in these producers to ensure that everything runs smoothly and our fans, are well taken care of while we’re on stage. It is truly disheartening to witness such a situation unfold and it even urges artists, including myself to take on an active role in the planning & safety measures (sic).”

He extended his support to Rahman and said, “As a fellow musician, I empathise with the situation and stand by AR Rahman, considering the unfortunate events, especially when the concert was intended to give the fans a memorable night, for all the right reasons (sic).”

Yuvan concluded his note that he is of the hope that lessons are learnt and improvements are made by the event organisers to ensure safety to women, children and the elderly.


After the mishap, AR Rahman took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to compensate those who couldn’t enter the venue despite having valid tickets.

Here’s his post:

AR Rahman, in an interview with The Hindu, said that he and his team are now collecting data. He also hinted at a surprise for fans in the coming months.

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Sep 12, 2023


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