iPhone 15 is launching today, tomorrow it may make iPhone 14 the best iPhone to buy

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“Your time is up, my time is now”, is a line from WWE superstar John Cena’s entrance music. But, right now, this line fits best with the iPhone 15, which is all set to take the mantle from the iPhone 14 as Apple’s latest and greatest. After all, the day has finally come when the long-anticipated smartphone will finally break cover. But, is it really trouble in paradise for the iPhone 14?

You see, with each new iPhone iteration, Apple sets the bar higher, by introducing new features and innovations in the latest model. And considering, the iPhone 15 is all set to bring in new upgrades, and while, all that may sound nice and dandy. In the process, there’s a chance that the iPhone 14 may turn out to be the better option for some consumers looking for a switch or even getting a new iPhone altogether.

The evolutionary leap: iPhone 15

The iPhone 15 is expected to get a range of new features, and in mere hours, we are going to know everything about it. Rumours suggest the iPhone 15 could be powered by the A16 Bionic chip that also powers the iPhone 14 Pro series. What’s also expected is an improved camera system, with a new 48MP primary rear lens taking centre stage, improvements in endurance courtesy of a bigger battery and, of course, replacement of the notch with the Dynamic Island. Clubbed together, these features are undoubtedly exciting, and if the iPhone 15 launches at the same starting price as the iPhone 14, it would be the perfect cherry on top.

The ripple effect on iPhone 14

So, the iPhone 15 will launch, it will be a new phone, many consumers will be excited and the phone will sell in huge numbers. That’s a given! However, if you look on the flip side, with the launch of the iPhone 15, the iPhone 14 is likely to experience a good enough price drop. And this price reduction could make the iPhone 14 an incredibly appealing option for those who value premium features but are not necessarily in need of the absolute latest and greatest. Because hey, the iPhone 14 still offers an impressive array of features, making it an excellent choice for many consumers.

The value proposition

So, granted, the iPhone 14 became relatively affordable after the iPhone 15 launch. And pair its affordable price point with its robust feature set, and you already have an excellent value proposition. You see, the iPhone 14 is powered by the A15 Bionic chip, which is surely a 2-year-old chipset, but still ensures super fast and snappy performance. While the camera system can still capture some of the most stunning photos and videos. The display remains top-notch, providing vibrant colours and crisp details. Moreover, don’t forget — the iPhone 14 will continue to receive software updates for years to come, ensuring it remains relevant and secure.

Which one to choose — iPhone 15 or iPhone 14?

So, as the iPhone 15 launches with much fanfare, it’s important to recognise the potential impact it may have on its predecessor, the iPhone 14. Yes, the iPhone 15 marks the beginning of a new era, but the iPhone 14 would still remain a formidable contender due to its high-quality performance, and maybe, a more affordable price. You see when deciding between the iPhone 15 and iPhone 14, it’s crucial to consider individual preferences and priorities.

Long story short, if having the absolute latest features is a priority, the iPhone 15 is the clear choice. However, for budget-conscious consumers or those who don’t necessarily need the newest thing in the market, the iPhone 14 presents a good opportunity to obtain a premium device at a relatively affordable price point. Because, in this world of ever-evolving technology, there’s always going to be something new. And while new things could be great, it is also essential to consider that previous models can still offer exceptional value and performance.

That said, whether it’s the new features and upgrades of the iPhone 15 or the value proposition of the iPhone 14, at the end of the day, the winner is Apple.

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Sep 12, 2023


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