Stray dogs picked up for sterilisation: Delhi civic body responds to allegations

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The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) on Monday said that it was releasing the stray dogs that were picked up for sterilisation, immunisation and observation a few days ago.

The civic body’s statement came after the G20 Summit in Delhi concluded on Sunday.

Earlier, the Congress had accused the central government of picking up street dogs in Delhi in a cruel manner in preparation for the G20 Summit.

Animal activists also criticised the methods used by civic officials for capturing dogs, as purported videos circulating on social media showed dogs being captured with metal wire.

The MCD said that the entire process of picking up the stray dogs was according to the Animal Birth Control (ABC) rules that required stray dogs to be caught, vaccinated, neutered and then released in their respective areas.

In response to the Congress’ allegations, the civic body said, “Unwarranted allegations, apprehensions just to gain brownie points and serve vested interests goes blatantly against the public spirit.”

“MCD is conscious of dogs’ welfare and requests one and all to avoid shenanigans,” it added.

The MCD said that its actions were challenged before the Delhi High Court today. However, the High Court disposed of the petition with the directions that “MCD shall conduct itself as per ABC Rules, 2023”.

On Friday, the Congress shared a video on X, in which it was seen that stray dogs were being pulled by the neck with the help of leashes, and alleged that the canines were picked up in a cruel manner ahead of the G20 Summit.

“Watch this video to witness the shocking cruelty inflicted upon innocent street dogs by the Modi government in preparation for the G20 summit. Dogs are being dragged by their necks, beaten with sticks and thrown into cages. They are being denied food and water, and they are being subjected to extreme stress and fear,” the Congress wrote in the post.

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Sep 11, 2023


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