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BENGALURU: Nvidia, which has surged to become the sixth most valuable company in the world after it came to be known that its chips were driving the generative AI boom started by ChatGPT, has struck two significant partnerships for establishing AI infrastructure in India – with Reliance Industries and Tata Group.
Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang, who announced the partnerships at a media conference in Bengaluru, said such infrastructure could make AI India’s biggest export soon. “India already has lots of data. You have very diverse languages, a diverse population with diverse needs different from the rest of the world, which means you have a local market. You also produce more computer scientists than any other country on the planet (to create solutions for the world). The only thing the country really needs is the computing infrastructure,” he said.
The partnership with Reliance is for the company to service its 450 million customers, while that with Tata Group is to establish infrastructure that other Indian companies can use.
Reliance is expected to develop a large language model trained on India’s vernacular languages and roll out generative AI services, which could enable services like real-time translations that allow two people speaking different languages to understand each other. “Reliance probably has more customers than any company on the planet. They have more data than any company on the planet. They probably support all 22 languages. We’re going to build AI infrastructure and as a result, they can create AI models & services for their customers,” said Huang.
For the Tatas, Tata Communications will establish the infrastructure. That infrastructure, Huang said, will support all the AI companies in India. “They (AI companies) are all clamouring for access to infrastructure. Today, they have to export their engineers to work in California to access the infrastructure. There’s no reason to do that if you build the infrastructure here,” he said.Huang said TCS will use the infrastructure to train its 600,000 IT professionals in AI.


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