Exclusive: Youtuber Rohit Zinjurke Opens Up On The Social Media Culture, Plans About Bollywood

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New Delhi: Rohit Zinjurke’s journey from digital creator to entrepreneur is one of determination, calculated risk-taking, and vision. He surely has that unmissable charm that has made him an idol in a million eyes. He has captivated people with his infectious dance videos and hilarious reactions. 

In an exclusive conversation with Zee News English, Rohit opened up on his journey and his plans of joining the film industry. 

Q: Kindly shed some light on YouTube culture!

A: YouTube was primarily a platform for sharing homemade videos, but it has since grown into a hub for diverse content creators, influencers, and audiences. Its culture has dramatically evolved. This is because of the rise of regional content. You too would agree, that people from different corners of the country have built a community and found success online, thanks to YouTube. 

Q: What are the differences between the YouTubers today and the OG ones?

A: YouTubers have been influencing way before it was a trend. If I speak about the OG YouTubers, they were more focused on the authenticity of the content and building connections with their TGs. They were more personal and simple. But today’s YouTubers are embracing diverse content and platforms, leveraging their influence across social media. They are creating people-centric content that is relatable to their TGs.

Q: People think of making a living out of it, what are your notes on that?

A: For years, people have been not only following their passion by making YouTube videos, but they have also earned from it. While making content and posting on YouTube to earn a living might seem all easy-breezy, it’s a mirage. Just like another job, making money from YouTube requires dedication, strategy, and adaptability. So if you are determined, you can build a great future by being a YouTuber. 

Q: You have made your music video debut with such a bang, any beans to spill on TV, OTT, or maybe a movie?

A: My music video debut was an incredible experience, and the response that I received was empowering! I’m indeed excited about future projects. While I’m not in a position to reveal anything yet, I’m open to exploring opportunities in TV, OTT platforms, and movies that align with my creative vision and values. Acting has been my passion for the longest time now. After all, who doesn’t want to shine on the silver screen? 

Q: People have many myths about YouTubers, would you like to clear some of these out?

A: People believe that being a YouTuber is an easy way to get rich quickly or that success is guaranteed. But let me tell you, it’s a demanding process. One needs to be consistent with content creation. Or else, replacement is easy. Besides this, there’s also a misconception that YouTubers only create superficial content. But that’s not the truth! Many address important issues and have a positive impact on society. 


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