Easter 2024: 5 Delicious And Healthy Snacks For Your Festive Celebrations

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The festive season is the time when you get to enjoy exotic delicacies and tempting sugary treats. On Easter, the celebration is incomplete without delicious desserts and delicacies set on the table and enjoyed with the family. However, it is challenging to maintain a healthy diet with all the mouth-watering delicacies. This Easter, choose natural and wholesome ingredients for your snacking options without compromising your health commitments. 

Treat yourself and your loved ones this Easter with delicious and healthy snacking options. Add wholesome ingredients to your snacks to elevate your celebration. Gather around the table, share good food, and create memories with these healthy snacks that will last a lifetime. Happy Easter!

Delicious Recipes To Try This Easter

Ruchi Sahay, CPO, Homechef|baker|nutritionist, Earthylia by Earthytweens lists some nutritious and delicious recipes to add to your Easter celebrations with these five nutrient-rich, tasty, and healthy snacks and make your festival healthier and happier.

Baked Ragi Crackers

Finger Millet, or Ragi, is a widely consumed cereal known for its calcium and high-fibre nature. Regular ragi intake can help manage blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of diabetes. These baked ragi crackers prepared using organically prepared ragi flour will add numerous benefits to your snack. Packed with nutrition and crunchy nature, these baked and gluten-free ragi crackers are a healthy snacking option for people of every age and can make your easter celebration wholesome!

 Mixed Millet Zucchini Brownies

Indulgent treats can be healthy, and mixed millet zucchini brownies are the perfect example of guilt-free indulgence. Millets help protect cardiovascular health, prevent the onset of diabetes, and manage gut inflammation. The mixed millet zucchini brownies are a delightful and healthy way to intake vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Add this dessert to your easter celebration and indulge in extra veggies while satisfying your sweet tooth cravings.

Mixed Millet Banana Walnut Choco Chip Muffins

Millet is known for its nutrient-rich whole-grain and fibrous nature, which adds a nutty flavour to any dish. Rich in antioxidants, walnuts help promote a healthy gut. The mixed millet banana walnut choco chip muffins will offer you a healthy, crunchy taste in each bite. By adding sweet bananas or jaggery for sweetness,  these ultra-moist muffins will have all the right ingredients to start your Easter celebration on a healthy and high note and give you a sweet, authentic taste with no preservatives added.

No Bake Nutty Honey Bar

Nuts and seeds are rich in protein and are packed with vitamins and minerals. The nuts and seeds contain unsaturated fats and other nutrients that protect against heart disease and diabetes. No baked nutty honey bar is a quick and easy snack requiring minimal preparation effort. These bars are packed with nuts, seeds, and natural sweeteners like honey, which provide a burst of energy and nutrition. Cut them into bars and enjoy the no-bake nutty honey bar as a sweet treat after your easter dinner.

Energy Baked Granola Bar

Ingredients like rolled oats, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and coconut flakes are rich in antioxidants and improve heart health by fighting off free radicals. Baked Granola bars are a classic and healthy snack option that never fails to satisfy sweet cravings. Bind the ingredients together and bake. Once cooled and cut into bars, your nutritious snack is ready for Easter festivities!


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