Balam Pichkari To Besharam Rang: Times Deepika Padukone Left Us All Grooving On Her Chartbuster Songs

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New Delhi: Certain songs stand out as timeless anthems, particularly during the festive season of Holi. And in recent years, one name has become synonymous with these celebratory melodies – Deepika Padukone. While she is a global icon, proudly representing the country in the international arena and praised for her consistently great performances, over the years, Deepika’s association with iconic songs has solidified her status as the reigning queen of the festival season as well & deserving so! 

From the infectious beats of “Balam Pichkari” where the setting of the song was completely based on Naina & Bunny playing Holi with their friends which has by far been the undoubted ‘Holi Anthem’, the soul-stirring “Mohe Rang Do Lal”, where she is seen portraying Padmavati ,using the colour red on her cheeks, teasing the king of Mewar, played by Shahid, to the mesmerizing “Lahu Munh Lag Gaya, song by Ranveer and Deepika, super hot,  where they’re seen playing Holi in the most sexy way, ever to her most  recent ‘Besharam Rang’ Deepika proves her mettle as the ultimate festival song diva. Her presence in these songs elevates them to a whole new level and her charisma, energy, and impeccable dance moves infuse life into each frame, making these tracks an indispensable part of every Holi playlist.

It’s unquestionable how Deepika Padukone adds major allure to every song she is part of and her magnetic presence and effortless charm adds an extra layer of vibrancy to these tracks, making it an instant favorite among audiences.

It’s no surprise that every song Deepika Padukone associates herself with turns into an overnight sensation. Her mere presence in a track guarantees its success, as fans eagerly anticipate her next dance number with bated breath.

One thing’s for sure, whether she’s splashing colours in a playful romp or mesmerizing audiences with her graceful movements, Deepika’s impact on Holi songs is undeniable. 


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