Zerodha Fund House AUM soars by Rs 500 crore in 40 days; total reaches Rs 1,000-crore mark – Times of India

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NEW DELHI: Zerodha Fund House, a joint venture between Zerodha and smallcase, witnessed substantial growth with its Assets Under Management (AUM) surging Rs 500 crore in just 40 days, taking the total tally to cross Rs 1,000-crore mark. The fund house touched the asset base of Rs 500 crore on February 15.
The first Rs 500 crore in AUM was added in over three months and the increase from Rs 500 crore to Rs 1,000 crore took just 40 days.
“Heartening to see investor trust continue to compound at @ZerodhaAMC (a smallcase-Zerodha JV) with assets doubling to Rs 1,000+ crore in just 40 days. It’s a reflection of the growing appetite for index-based investment products & we are grateful for all the feedback & ideas,” Vasanth Kamath, Founder and CEO, smallcase announced on X(formerly Twitter).
“Also, very proud of the amazing team at ZFH that’s innovating with industry-first products while charting our own unique path by building differently – with a direct-only, passive-only approach,” he added.
After getting capital markets regulator Sebi’s approval, Zerodha Fund House forayed into the mutual fund space with the launch of passive funds in October 2023. Before that, in April last year, Zerodha formed a JV with Amazon-backed wealth management firm smallcase to build an asset management company.
At present, 45 mutual fund players are managing an asset base of over Rs 50 lakh crore.


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