Kriti Kharbanda Honors Hubby Pulkit Samrats Late Moms Wish By Adding THIS To Her Wedding Attire

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New Delhi: The recent nuptials of actors Kriti Kharbanda and Pulkit Samrat have captivated hearts worldwide, not only for their undeniable chemistry but also for the heartfelt symbolism woven into Kriti’s choice of attire. As images from their wedding festivities continue to go viral, each moment captured reveals a story of love, remembrance, and celebration.

Amidst the resplendent hues and intricate designs that adorned the couple throughout their wedding journey, it was Kriti Kharbanda’s stunning pink lehenga that garnered particular admiration. However, the significance behind this choice runs deeper than aesthetics alone. 

Close sources reveal that Pulkit’s late mother held a cherished wish for her son’s wedding, to see his bride adorned in a pink lehenga, her favorite color. “Pulkit’s mom’s favorite color was pink; she wanted to see Pulkit’s bride in a pink lehenga and shared this wish with Kriti,” the source disclosed. It was a heartfelt desire rooted in honoring the memory of Pulkit’s beloved mother.

Kriti’s involvement in the attire selection process further underscored the personal significance of their wedding ensembles. Embracing Pulkit’s late mother’s wish as a heartfelt blessing, Kriti meticulously ensured that every detail resonated with Indian ethnic charm, guided by the beloved pink hue from the very inception of the planning stages. This thoughtful touch not only paid homage to Pulkit’s family legacy but also added a profound layer of meaning to their union, symbolizing love, remembrance, and the blending of past and present.

As the world celebrates the union of Kriti Kharbanda and Pulkit Samrat, their wedding serves as a poignant reminder that love transcends boundaries, intertwining with cherished memories to create an everlasting tapestry of joy and affection. 


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