Accelerating data extraction in e-commerce with datacentre proxies

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Data extraction is at a premium for retailers, and the spotlight is now on the transformative capabilities of datacentre proxies.

Data-driven e-commerce businesses need access to huge amounts of data, and they need to be able to quickly and reliably extract it. Datacentre proxies can be used to collect pricing information, monitor worldwide product availability and manage potential brand infringements more quickly and at a better price point than other kinds of proxies.

Although datacentre proxies may be less effective at evading bot-blocking measures compared with residential proxies, they still have their place in the data professional’s toolkit.

Datacentre proxies are faster and more reliable

As these proxies operate from datacentres, they are not subject to the variability associated with residential networks, allowing them to provide faster and more stable connections. They are also optimised for speed and efficiency, allowing them to handle a high volume of requests simultaneously, making them well suited for tasks that require rapid data extraction.

Residential proxies may experience fluctuations in speed and stability, because they depend on real users’ internet connections. Network disruptions are less common for datacentres because they are hosted in controlled environments.

Datacentre proxies are more cost efficient

Datacentre proxies operate from centralised servers in datacentres. These facilities are purpose-built for hosting servers in a controlled environment, reducing maintenance costs and making them easily scalable. In contrast, setting up a residential proxy network involves negotiating agreements with internet service providers (ISPs) or purchasing connections from individuals, which typically incurs higher acquisition costs.

Choosing the right proxy for your data collection needs

While datacentre proxies offer speed and efficiency, it’s important to note that residential proxies have their own advantages, particularly in scenarios where websites may detect and block datacentre IP addresses. The choice between datacentre and residential proxies often depends on the specific use case and the requirements of the data extraction task.

Leading web intelligence company SOAX unveiled high-speed datacentre proxies for the US in October 2023, complementing its existing range of proxies. SOAX has since rolled out datacentre proxies across 11 countries: the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Japan and Brazil.

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