5 Vastu Secrets To Attract Love And Romance In Your Life

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According to experts, the Vastu of a home is very important and impacts different aspects of your life. The right Vastu, experts believe, can invite positive energy into your home which will boost your quality of life. Not just wealth and harmony, experts believe that Vastu can also ensure that you attract the right person and the right love into your life. Vastu Acharya Manoj Shrivastava, a Vastu expert in Northern India, shares how Vastu can help to enhance your love life. 

Boost Your Love Life With Vastu: 5 Tips

Acharya Manoj Shrivastava shares the following five secrets to attract love in your life:

1. Bedroom: Choose A Single Mattress

Your bedroom is crucial when it comes to love and romance. For couples, the bedroom should ideally be in the southwest corner of the house to ensure stability and harmony in the relationship. Keep the bed in the southwest corner of the room, and make sure you use a single mattress. Choose soothing colours like soft pink, light red, or peach for your bedroom walls and linens, as these colours enhance loving energies.

2. Declutter: Make Room For Positive Energies

Clutter isn’t just a physical obstacle; it blocks positive energies from flowing into your life. A cluttered bedroom can stifle the romance in your relationship. Make it a habit to declutter regularly, creating a peaceful and inviting space where love can flourish.

3. Mirror Placement: Reflecting The Right Energies

Mirrors in the bedroom can be tricky in Vastu. If placed directly opposite the bed, mirrors can cause disagreements and restlessness. It’s best to either remove them or ensure they don’t reflect the bed, to maintain peace and harmony.

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4. Special Focus On Southwest To Strengthen Bond

The southwest direction is associated with relationships in Vastu. Enhancing this area of your home can strengthen your romantic bond. Place a pair of pink quartz crystals here to attract love. Place a figurine of two swans or a double happiness symbol to denote love and devotion.

5. Soft Lighting for Romance

Soft and warm lighting can create a cosy and romantic atmosphere. Use dimmer switches or lamps with warm-toned bulbs in your bedroom to set the right mood for love.

“Vastu isn’t just about aligning spaces; it’s about creating a harmonious life,” points out Vastu Acharya Manoj Shrivastava. He says that by applying these simple Vastu tips, you can attract love and romance, enhancing your relationship and bringing more joy into your life. 

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