Kink Conversations: How Comfortable Are Indias Singles – Study Finds This

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Most people won’t like to admit it, but sexual kinks are pretty common. While we are in an era where openness and authenticity are paramount, there still seems to be a certain taboo circling conversations around kinky relationships. happn, a real-life dating app, conducted a study to explore how comfortable Indian singles are about their kinks and pleasure. Let’s reveal the saucy side of Indian singles.

Comfort levels in discussing kinks

The survey brings to light a fascinating spectrum of comfort levels among users when it comes to discussing their kink preferences. Surprisingly, the 35+ age group leads the pack, with an impressive 68% expressing an ease in navigating kink conversations. In contrast, Gen Z women present a unique perspective, with a staggering 83% stating they need time for such discussions and 0% feeling comfortable broaching the topic of dating apps. This showcases how conversations around exploring kink-friendly relationships require real-life and open communication, especially when you’re just starting to explore.

Most popular kinks in India

Across all age groups, the survey unveils numerous kinks, with BDSM and role-playing holding universal appeal. The mature age groups (35+) show a heightened interest in humiliation and fetishism, while food-related kinks gain popularity among younger respondents (18-25). Role-playing finds enthusiasts across regions, particularly in the South-West (51%) and Central (44%) of India, with the North-East (20%) and South-East (31%) demonstrating a penchant for BDSM.

Reasons for seeking kink-friendly relationships

The primary reasons for seeking kink-friendly relationships vary among age groups. 35-40-year-olds place greater emphasis on building deeper intimacy, while Gen Z leans towards exploring new experiences.

Regional disparities also emerge, with South-West India standing out at 75%, feeling very comfortable discussing kink preferences. The Northern regions lag slightly behind at 56%. The South-East (70%) and North-West (60%) regions of India are leading the way in seeking kink-friendly relationships. They are eager for new, intimate experiences. Eastern India (36%) emphasises deeper intimacy, while the South-West (47%) wants to fulfil specific fantasies instead of adopting kinks as a lifestyle.

Importance of finding a partner with shared kinks

The significance of finding a partner with shared kink interests resonates strongly among the 35+ age group, with 65% deeming it “very important.” Meanwhile, Gen Z also considers it important but less significant than the older age groups, as 50% of them are neutral about it. The Central region (64%) emerges as a hotspot for emphasising shared kink-friendly interests.

Red flags in kink-friendly relationships

Lack of respect for boundaries emerges as a consistent concern, resonating across all demographics. Disregarding safe practices is notably significant among the 35+ age group. At the same time, according to the survey respondents stress the importance of discussing limits and interests and express wariness of pressure to engage in activities without consent.

Regionally, concerns about lack of respect for boundaries intensified in the North-East (37%) and Central-South (36%), while the Central (38%) and South-East (30%) regions expressed concerns about their partner not asking for consent while indulging in a kinky experience.

There’s a resounding consensus that kink is becoming more normalised in the dating space, with approximately 40% agreement across all age groups. However, a considerable portion, especially in the 35+ age group, still views it with hesitance and stigma. Gen Z challenges the norm, wanting to normalise pleasure discussions. Despite this shift, it’s essential to recognise that healthy discussions around kinks while dating should always prioritise the comfort and consent of both partners.


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