Families ‘to spend £3,000 entertaining children during school holidays in 2024’

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Families anticipate spending more than £3,000 on average entertaining children over the school holidays this year, according to a survey.

On average, parents expect to fork out £3,045 keeping youngsters occupied outside term time during 2024, American Express found.

The estimate is on a “per child” basis, so families with more than one child are likely to end up spending more.

The research was released as families prepare for getaways during the Easter holidays.

The £3,045 total comprises sports activities, clubs, toys, books, magazines, games consoles, tech devices, meals out, days out, TV subscriptions and films.

Keeping kids entertained over the school holidays might not always be easy

Dave Edwards, American Express

Two-fifths (43%) of parents said they expect to spend more entertaining children during the school holidays compared with term time, with only 7% saying they expect to spend less.

Most (59%) said keeping youngsters entertained outside the home is the biggest factor behind their school holiday spending.

Dave Edwards, vice president, American Express, said: “Keeping kids entertained over the school holidays might not always be easy but our data shows it is a focus of many parents’ spending, whether it’s a meal out with the family, a sports club, or a games console.”

Opinium surveyed 2,000 people across the UK for the research in March.

Some parents may be able to get extra help with their childcare costs. More information is available at www.childcarechoices.gov.uk.

Families could also save money on excursions, such as by planning train journeys in advance and looking for free activities at museums.


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