Exclusive: K-pop Group DXMON Open Up On Their Debut, Share Their Love For Indian Curry

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New Delhi: Welcome the new kids on the block, as K-Pop boy group DXMON made their official debut with their 1st mini-album, HYPERSPACE. The sextet which comprises MINJAE, SEITA, HEE, TK, REX, and JO., had released their track, “Burn Up,” ahead of their debut, giving fans and listeners are peek into their range and repertoire.

The mini-album includes six new songs blending in a mix of R&B, hip-hop as well as pop. With tracks such as SPARK, N.W.B, and VERY, weaving a rhythmic narrative. 

In an exclusive interview with Journalist Puja Talwar,  DXMON talked about their debut, influences as well aspirations and visiting India. 

Q: Congratulations on your debut HYPERSPACE, tell me the idea behind this, and it is your debut what was the impression you were trying to make? 

MINJAE: Thank you for your congratulations on our album release! The title of our mini-album, HYPERSPACE, was inspired by the word “space.” It signifies the exploration of hyperspace, suggesting that beyond our current space lies another world that allows us to move towards it.

SEITA: As this marks our debut, we wanted to make a lasting impression by showcasing DXMON”s unwavering passion and commitment to pursuing our dreams. Each track blends in several genres from R&B to Hip Hop, what was the story you wanted to narrate to your listeners?

REX: We aimed to offer a diverse range of genres in our debut mini-album, featuring tracks like “N.W.B”, “Burn Up”, “SPARK”, and “Very.” Our goal was to elicit reactions from listeners like, “This album is so diverse!” and to convey the message that DXMON is a very cool group.

TK: We wanted to convey the infinite possibilities and diversity of DXMON’s music, hoping that listeners would find joy while listening to it. 

Q: I love the name of the band DXMON which comes from the Greek word Daimon, to decide one destiny and achieve it. So did you all dream of being IDOLS, and what was the moment when you felt you succeeded in achieving what you set out for?

MINJAE: Performing for the first time at the Genie Music Festival was a memorable experience for me. After working towards becoming idols for some time, hearing the enthusiastic cheers from the audience filled us with immense joy. It’s a moment that remains vivid in my memory to this day.

SEITA: I have dreamt of becoming an idol since high school. Filming the music video in the United States was the moment that I felt that I had accomplished my dream.

HEE: Realizing that I had fans who were genuinely supporting and loving me made me feel like I had achieved my goals and succeeded.

TK: Watching the performances of BTOB inspired me to dream of becoming a singer. When we finally debuted after a long period of training, that’s when I felt I had achieved our biggest goal. The memory is still vivid in my mind.

REX: I didn’t necessarily dream of becoming an idol when I was young. However, at some point, I naturally started dreaming and took on the challenge while watching senior K-pop artists. There have been many proud moments, and I am filled with the determination to work harder because I still have many goals to achieve.

JO: Actually, becoming an idol wasn’t my dream from the start. However, my parents recommended it to me as a good opportunity, and it suited me very well. The most memorable day for me was when I went up on stage for the first music show broadcast. Standing on the stage of my dreams, I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I would be. It felt amazing, and I felt like I had found my home.

Q: From trainees to rookies, it’s a lot of hard work, what is the one lesson you will carry forward? 

MINJAE: It is to always stay humble. This lesson resonates with me deeply, and I believe in the importance of humility and giving our best in every situation. It’s a guiding principle for our future endeavours.

HEE: For me, it’s about being mindful of our words. As public figures, our words carry weight and influence, so it’s crucial to speak thoughtfully and responsibly.

TK: During my trainee days, I always kept in mind the lesson that nothing is impossible. Even now, after achieving my dream of debuting, I continue to hold onto this belief.

Q: As a new boy band in this very competitive space, what do you feel is your biggest challenge, and what makes DXMON different from the many bands making their debut? 

TK: In such a competitive industry, one of our main challenges is gaining recognition from the public. However, we believe that every group brings something unique and impressive to the table. As of DXMON, we pride ourselves on our distinct energy, which sets us apart. We want everyone who encounters us to feel our strong visuals, unique style, and vibrant energy. Can you sense our powerful presence?

Q: With K-Ppp becoming a global phenomenon what do you think makes it a special genre? 

JO: I think that many senior artists have contributed to the steady growth and global popularity of the K-pop genre. Moreover, the strong bond between artists and fans has played a significant role in making K-pop even more special and impactful worldwide.

Q: What have been your musical influences and is there any particular band/ group you dream to collaborate with? 

MINJAE: BTS has been a huge inspiration for us. They continually push boundaries musically, exploring new concepts and styles globally. Their bold fashion choices and innovative approaches to storytelling through music have deeply influenced us. It’s truly inspiring to see how they integrate their narratives and artistic vision into their music.

REX: I’d love to collaborate with Stray Kids. I love their style and I highly respect them.

Q: India loves K Pop are you familiar with Indian films, Food and can we expect you to perform in India. 

SEITA: We hope to visit India someday when we’ve grown as a group that can hold concerts overseas, so please stay tuned for that! DXMON is on its way!!

REX: India holds a special place in my heart, and I’m eager to try the local cuisine, especially the curry! I’m looking forward to visiting India soon and meeting our Indian fans.

JO: India brings to mind the movie <3 Idiots> which I enjoyed watching in school when I was younger. I remember trying mango lassi before, and it was so sweet and refreshing. Also, I’m excited to meet our Indian fans, showcase our performances, and immerse myself in Indian culture and cuisine. Thank you for your love and support!

Q: Describe DXMON in one word. 

MINJAE: Moving forward with no limit.

SEITA: Energy.

HEE: Enlarging flame.

TK: The result of our hard work.

REX: Legend.

JO: Staff. 


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