How ‘I’m Just Ken’ Won the Oscars Without Winning an Actual Oscar

by The Technical Blogs


“It is incredibly difficult to do, even in a film situation because you have to have really clear marks and you’ve got to practice it over and over. It’s militarylike,” Moore added. “So you can imagine how hard it is to do on a live show.”

In the end, the troupe only worked with the cameras five times between Friday and Sunday and rehearsed it twice Sunday before the show began. Then there was the fact that the stage was circular, which added to the complexity. And the giant Barbie doll heads didn’t arrive until Thursday. “That was a really super challenging part,” Moore said.

It was Gerwig, though, who wanted the entire audience in the Dolby auditorium up and dancing. Before the big number, a recorded video appeared inside the ballroom, urging those seated to shine their phone lights and sing along. According to Moore, on the first call with all involved, Gerwig said, “Really my dream for this thing is just that everybody’s up and singing. That’s my only dream.”

Simu Liu, who played a Ken in the movie and joined Gosling onstage, said that from his vantage point, “this came together extremely quickly,” adding, “Mandy Moore is an excellent choreographer.”

When he first heard from Moore, he checked in with his fellow Kens from the movie, including Gatwa, Scott Evans and Kingsley Ben-Adir, who all decided to take part, though he admitted, “Nerves were running high,” and added, “There’s not many rooms that are more intimidating.”

After it was all over, he said, the Kens felt exhilarated: “Yes! I think we pulled it off.”

Kyle Buchanan contributed reporting.


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