No Filter Neha: Being Stuck With Tiger In Elevator To Slipping Into Rashmikas DM, Neha Dhupia Opens Up On Season 6s Guests

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New Delhi: From being stuck with Tiger Shroff in an elevator to slipping into Rashmika Mandana’s DM to invite her on the show, Neha Dhupia confesses the sixth edition of her show came with its challenges. 

“I had to have Rashmika on my show, after the success of Animal and her shooting Pushpa 2, it would have been incomplete without her. I DM’ed her and she agreed. I was a bit worried about how the chat would go, but she was so chill. This is also her first chat show”, says Neha.

The show also features her good friend Kareena Kapoor Khan whom she calls the best micromanager, “You would think, being a megastar, she’ll have people doing things for her, but she micromanages every little detail. She picks her battles, though she hardly has any, she is perfect!”

On the one hand, she observes Kartik Aaryan has a knack for comedy and reveals being happy to see a fierceness in Kriti Sanon. 

Though her show boasts of the most popular celebrities,  Neha Dhupia says irrespective of her closeness and access to her guests, there is always a line that she draws. ”I cannot make them answer something that they are uncomfortable with. Also given the current scenario where anything can have a double meaning. Also, I feel celebrities are way more guarded now, and get picked on a lot more. The more famous you are, the less you get away with things and what you say. Also, the things that you say no matter what will always have two meanings and be misconstrued and things are blown out of context. Someone is always getting attacked, so no one is a lot more careful both ways”.

There is no denying the constant obsession with celebrities and their lives. Neha, who herself hails from a non-celebrity

background says there is nothing “celebrity-like about celebrities in their daily life”  and “everybody does the most normal things. I wish you could have a peek into the lives of every celebrity out there. Trust me, we are we’re great bargain hunters. That’s as much as I can say.”

Last seen in the thriller A Thursday, Neha has signed Blue 52 with Egyptian filmmaker Ali El Arabi. “I am one of the three leads. I had to pinch myself when it came my way. There is this constant thing in my head that I have to constantly prove myself, I have done so much but don’t know what others feel about me,” she admits.

However, she adds she takes her husband, actor Angad Bedi’s advise seriously. He constantly tells me to preserve myself as an actor. When you get a great part, go ahead and do everything for it. In the meantime, see what you have got at home’ is what he says. “So, having Angad and our two children, I am also okay with not working at times.” 


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