LGBTQIA+: Narratives About People Who Are Resilient And Honest

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In celebration of its tenth anniversary, this edition of ‘Five Films for Freedom’ (March 13 to 24) showcases LGBTQIA+ narratives that resonate with resilience and authenticity.

From the historic defiance captured in Compton’s 22 in San Francisco to the poignant exploration of love and understanding in Halfway, this year’s lineup includes ‘Little One’, ‘Cursive’, and ‘The First Kiss’, each delving into themes of family, identity, and the universal quest for acceptance.

The movies offer perspectives on the LGBTQIA+ experience, inspiring conversations and fostering empathy worldwide.

The five short films — ‘Cursive’, ‘Little One’, ‘The First Kiss’, ‘Compton’s 22’ and ‘Halfway’ — will stream on JioTV mobile app and on connected TVs through JioTV+.

They will be screened in Delhi, Kolkata, Gangtok, Agartala, Shantiniketan, Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Goa.

The partners include the British High Commission, QueerFrames Screenwriting Lab, Habitat International Film Festival, Sandbox Collective, Harkat Studios, Eagaro Photo Festival, The We4We Project, Arthshila, Rainbow Hills Welfare Association, and The Storiculture Company.

Alison Barrett MBE, Director India, British Council said: “We are delighted to be once again partnering with BFI Flare, JioTV and JioTV+ and The Queer Muslim Project for this celebration of inclusivity and cultural exchange. It is a privilege to showcase the exceptional work of immensely talented filmmakers to audiences across India.

“Throughout the ten-year journey of ‘Five Films For Freedom’, we have been able to reach over 23 million viewers globally. We take pride in our ongoing commitment to supporting this initiative, which not only sheds light on new narratives but also fosters new connections and understanding.”

Rafiul Alom Rahman, Director of The Queer Muslim Project, said: “We are happy to be collaborating with the British Council and with multiple partners across India to create a space that celebrates love and freedom. The #FiveFilmsForFreedom programme has been a catalyst in spotlighting diverse LGBTQIA+ talent and stories from around the world and fostering conversations around inclusion. This year’s curation of FFFF includes powerful short films, community mixers, and discussions with industry professionals.”

Kumar Chheda, Director of Halfway, said, “Halfway is about the things you do, the extra miles you go to make love work. This is why the #FiveFilmsForFreedom programme is the most appropriate place for the world to see the film. For an emerging filmmaker from India, there could have been no greater joy than to see my film reach audiences around the world. I am thrilled that Halfway is the selection from India as the programme celebrates its 10th year.”


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