Bridal Fashion 2024: Silhouettes, Colour Palettes, Jewellery And Outfit Styles In Trend This Wedding Season

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The year ahead is slated to redefine bridal fashion in India, says Anuradha Chandrashekar, Co-founder and Chief Creator, ICH NEXT, a creative strategy firm. While in the recent past, we saw a steep inclination towards indulgence of minimalist fashion in Indian weddings, the ceremonies ahead are likely to witness a more intimate and nostalgic celebration. “While the brides and grooms-to-be would be up for a reminiscence of their journeys and shared moments, the current generation’s fondness for their roots and traditions would be proudly on display. From colour palettes to silhouettes and clutter core to heirloom revival fashion sentiments, the wedding season and bridal fashion 2024 would spell a transformative shift in extravagant celebrations,” Chandrashekar adds.

Run-Up To Wedding Day: What To Wear At Events Ahead Of Big Day

Before getting into what should be expected for the big day, it is important to first discuss the rituals that run up to D-day. “Varied experimentations with regards to silhouette trends are expected to rule the roost, in diverse forms like draped skirts giving a contemporary twist to silhouettes seen conventionally, and traditional dhotis with modern styling to suit the occasions,” says Chandrashekar. She adds that outfits crafted out of light sheer materials, such as chiffon and silk organza, would be the bride’s choice for a light and airy appearance on her special days. “The interplay of translucency would further add to the bridal ensemble a hint of romanticism and a little drama. For the winter weddings though, we predict a season of warm yet lavish attires. A richly embroidered chugha coat could very well be a standard for winter wedding attire. They would stand out against the winter background with elaborate front embellishments, providing warmth with style,” says Chandrashekar.

Mermaid silhouettes too are likely to gain more popularity. “With fishtail skirts and scale-like sequined embellishments paired with clean translucent layers, brides are embracing the mermaid core trend, which gives the bridal outfit a whimsical and charming fairy-tale touch,” Chandrashekar points out.

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Wedding Day Outfits: The Choice Of Colour Palette

For the Wedding Day, however, traditional saris and lehengas will continue to be the preferred choice. “The essence of Indian bridal wear is embodied by these famous silhouettes that radiate elegance and heritage. Anticipate a rise in patchwork and opulence in lehenga borders, with W-curve blouse cuts or brause (bra-blouse) coordination,” says Chandrashekar.

When it comes to colours, beige is expected to be among the likings of modern-day brides, as they adorn their softness, says Chandrashekar. She adds, “Brides may also go for striking colours for rituals such as mehendi and haldi, rather than the customary green or yellow. A comeback of the Maharani Red should also be expected, but this time, the bride would be a queen with a monochromatic dominant colour mixed with antique and stone-studded jewellery/accessories. This colour would be a safe choice and could never go wrong for any skin tone for brides who want to go all-out ethnic and become a diva on their special day,” says Chandrashekar.

She points out that brides aren’t afraid to try new things when events get closer together. Chandrashekar shares, “Brides are expected to wear frosty pastels in hues such as lavender, pink, dew, and cucumber, making the colour palette more adaptable. This is especially true for summertime day weddings.”

A Mix Of Contemporary And Traditional

Indian weddings are a lot about traditions, but those getting hitched also love to keep up with contemporary times. Chandrashekar says, “While ancestral jewels and handloom sarees would continue to be popular choices for brides, Indian drapes and styles that prominently reference historical texts may also see a significant comeback. For example, a bridal veil embroidered with “Sada Saubhagyawati bhava” will give the outfit a historical touch and a lovely message. Uttariya or Antariya from the Mauryan era will fit in perfectly with the bridal fashion of 2024, capturing the ideal fusion of traditional and modern ideas in sensual and classical drapes. Fashion narratives will also be woven and cultural values reclaimed with sheer kurtas and sheer layers, reminiscent of the Rajput era.”


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