Genuine Love Or A Temporary Escape From Boredom – How To Tell The Difference

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While dating is becoming increasingly easy, daters still often find themselves at the crossroads between genuine connections and fleeting moments of loneliness. Dating app, QuackQuack’s consumer research analysis, got daters from Tier 1, 2, and 3 cities talking about the differences between genuine love and a temporary escape from boredom. 45 per cent of these respondents think there are some tell-tale signs like indulging in long-term plans and the willingness for emotional investment.

A total of 10,000 individuals participated in this online survey, and they came from varied backgrounds, with the majority working professionals, business owners, and a portion of students. These participants comprised GenZ ranging between 20 to 26 and Millennials between 27 and 35.

QuackQuack’s Founder and CEO, Ravi Mittal, said, “Genuine connections require introspection, and our study pushed our users to introspect and come up with the best possible solutions to tell love from being in love with the idea of love. We are close to 30M users and have noticed many individuals getting enough matches but not results. We believe it is solely because more users are connecting out of sheer boredom or loneliness instead of compatibility.”

Consistency Of Interaction

When it comes to figuring out if your match is genuinely attracted to you or if the attention you are getting is directly proportional to how lonely they are on that particular day, the consistency of interaction can help figure out the reality. 37 per cent of Tier 2 daters between 27 and 35 highlighted that if your match reaches out to you sporadically, and the interaction lasts longer on days and barely a minute the other, it might indicate that they are seeking temporary companionship rather than a sincere connection.

Emotional Fulfilment

Understanding your intentions can be trickier than understanding your matches, said 29 per cent of male daters from Tier 1 cities. When unsure whether your feelings are genuine or are merely feeling alone, try measuring how emotionally fulfilled you feel after an interaction with the person. If it brings joy, satisfaction, and a sense of completeness, it’s likely rooted in love. The respondents also included that if it gives only temporary relief and sometimes even leaves you feeling emptier, the connection is likely built on the foundation of loneliness. Introspection is the only way to make out the real motive of your connection, exclaimed these men.

Long-Term Perspective

People in love tend to view their relationship with a long-term perspective, as explained by 45 per cent of women from Tier 2 and 3 cities. Discussions about plans, shared goals, and commitment indicate a deeper connection. But a connection stemming from boredom does not have a clear vision for the future. Couples might plan a week, but never a month.


31 per cent of daters between 25 and 35 claimed that introspection is the only way to realize if you are falling for someone or if you are bored with your routine life and looking for excitement. They mentioned a few things to ask yourself or look into when in doubt- think if you are still on the lookout for a relationship, think how you’d feel if the person you believe you like wasn’t there in your life, imagine if you can be with this person for the next five years, imagine a life with them and think if you know anything beyond the surface level about this individual. One more thing to consider is if you often find yourself thinking about them in between other activities or do you only remember them when you are alone. These participants asserted that a few hours of introspection is enough to figure out your true motive.

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