Digital Revival Of Astrology: Why Are Gen Z & Millennials So Into Horoscopes? Expert Shares All

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Astrology, an ancient practice as old as the Vedas, is becoming increasingly popular among Gen Z users or Zoomers. The age-old desire to glimpse into the future is not confined to Gen Z or India alone. Horoscopes and fortune-telling have been present in Western newspapers and media since the 1970s, catering to both entertainment and deep-rooted beliefs. These practices continue to captivate tech-savvy generations in the digital era, highlighting their timeless appeal. What remains exclusive to Gen Z is how they consume their daily dose of astrology.

Let’s have a look at some numbers that reflect the popularity of astrology among Zoomers as shared by Aditya Kapoor, COO Astroyogi.

Aditya says, “Gen Z, leading the social media realm, constitutes just over 50% of the total astrology consumers. Within this digital astrological community, the gender distribution is reasonably even, with 52.3% of Gen Z users identifying as male and 47.7% as female. Regarding consultation preferences, Gen Z shows a preference for chatting, nearly twice as much as opting for phone consultations.”

Additionally, “Gen Z is four times more likely to seek free consultations from astrologers before committing to paid services compared to Millennials and Boomers. In cities with high social media usage, Gen Z users account for 60.2% of the total online astrology users, while non-Gen Z users constitute 39.8%. Notably, nearly 80% of all Gen Z queries are relationship-related, focusing on current relationships or the potential rekindling of past ones,” adds Aditya.

These numbers highlight the rising influence of Gen Zs on the digital astrology realm, showing their unique preferences and engagement patterns. 

This, in turn, according to Aditya Kapoor, is driving Astrotech companies to invest in various innovative technologies to tailor the digital astrology experience for Gen-Z, from AI-driven astrologer matching algorithms to making the overall experience faster and more immersive. 

The revival of this age-old practice is no mere trend; it’s seems nothing less than a digital revolution. Aditya highlights, “Astrology has seamlessly adapted to the language of Gen Z, shedding its ambiguous image for a more relatable and shareable form. So whether it is Reels or YouTube Shorts, astrology platforms and enthusiasts alike are leveraging new-age bite-sized formats, zodiac memes, social media trends and celebrity integrations for easy understanding and consumption.”

Astrology on social media has evolved beyond its conventional role, fostering vibrant forums through live-streaming sessions. 

Astrology’s Impact on Everyday Life

Astrology’s impact on Gen Z extends beyond consultations, shaping their consumer choices and trends. This influence is evident in the surge of astrology-themed products such as candles, jewelry, and clothing, causing a ripple effect from fashion to lifestyle. Going beyond traditional astrology, Gen Z embraces related practices like Tarot readings, reiki, and aura healing as tools for self-discovery and well-being. 

“The increasing demand for astrology services among the new and younger generation is projected to grow in 2024, with innovative applications and personalised experiences driving this surge,” Aditya concludes.

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