TVF Saga: Panchayat To Aspirants – Key Change Makers For Redefining Indian Web Shows

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New Delhi: For India content is a big soft power. Something that we had witnessed very recently with the success of RRR globally. Needless to say, people and organisations that understand content and can reach wider audiences in India have a great power of content and narrative. There are very few who have been able to be part of pop culture and one such organisation is TVF. 

But this has not happened instantly. We as a society were habitual to watching exclusive content in Theatres every Friday. We used to wait for films of our favourite superstars to be released on big and then, wait for them to come to TV on a special celebratory day, watching it with the entire family. TVF slowly but most definitely became the most important part of changing this consumption pattern. Something that was amplified with the lockdown and emergence of higher bandwidth connections. TVF was the first one to understand this shift and took full advantage of this was, TVF. They were way ahead of the curve by launching their first web series in 2014. In this pursuit, they became one of the most important production houses which kept defining and redefining the content industry and pop culture in India. 

It has certainly been a matter of great surprise and excitement to see a production house that was ‘run, shot, acted’ by young college students become the leading content aggregator for the whole of India and widely loved beyond the age-specific targets. Here’s a brief analysis and breakdown on how this world-shifting happened…

1) TVF can easily be considered the baton-carrying production house that started the web content revolution before anyone else. Around 9 years back, TVF started producing long-format web content web series with Permanent Roommates. They debuted this content on their YouTube channel and it became an instant hit. Before that, no production house considered creating content for the web seriously. This showed that they were way ahead of the curve and it actually became the proof of concept for big players like Amazon and Netflix to consider India seriously in this format. 

2) It’s fair to say that they are the only content creators who have been able to get their content adapted for various regions of India. Their series like Permanent Roommates and Hostel Dayz have been remade into big web series in Tamil and Telugu languages for the local OTT platforms. A feat that no other content house can claim, particularly with such relatable and rooted stories that have a voice in the living room of every Indian, middle class house. 

3) As a fact, TVF is the only production house with over 10 web franchises in India. This is a huge achievement considering all of these franchisees have a cult following with a few names being Panchayat, Kota Factors, Aspirants, Gullak, Hostel Dayz and Trippling. With each series having a very distinct story, the country and its audience had a taste of their lies distinctively in each of them. The resonance to TVF’s franchise content even after 10 years is unparalleled. When is Panchayat 3 coming?, is still a question that excites the deep-pockets of the country to the metropolitan cities, unequivocally.

4) They probably are the only production company who have understood the pulse of the Indian youth. All their shows are hugely popular with young Indians and they have been a conversation point on social media platforms. They have been defining pop culture for the past one decade and truly, have become the most important cultural phenomenon in India. An unbeatable diagnosis of what the nation wanted and still wants, is what sets TVF still apart. 


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