Is Peach Fuzz, Pantone Colour of the Year 2024, good for Indian homes?

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‘Subtly sensual’, ‘warm and cosy’, ‘poetic and romantic’ and ‘quietly sophisticated’. These are some terms Pantone Colour Institute used to describe the colour of the year 2024 Peach Fuzz.

A shade nestled between pink and orange, Peach Fuzz is a fresh hue with a vintage vibe, offering a blend of modernity with a laidback charm.

Sounds like an inviting colour to set up a home. Doesn’t it? Here’s what it looks like:

Pantone’s colour of the year sets the tone in which direction the colour palette for the year is heading in terms of apparel, accessories, home decor and even tech gadgets. 2024’s Peach Fuzz has left the Indian fashion landscape divided as a section (including Deepika Padukone) thinks that it doesn’t complement the brown skin tone well.

So, is Peach Fuzz the perfect palette for Indian homes? The answer in short: Yes, but if you keep a few things in mind. Know it from experts on how to infuse Peach Fuzz into your home in an appealing manner.

Peach Fuzz for cosy and calm vibe at home

Hardesh Chawla, director at Gurugram-based design firm Essentia Environments, vouches for Peach Fuzz as a delightful colour choice for home decor. He explains how this pastel shade creates a cosy and calm atmosphere while blending well with different colour schemes.

“Incorporating Peach Fuzz into decor can create a calming atmosphere, particularly in bedrooms or living areas, fostering a sense of comfort,” he tells India Today.

Peach Fuzz is a warm and comfortable tone, and an ideal choice for home decor. (Photo: Getty Images)

Punam Kalra, creative director of Delhi-based design studio I’m the Centre for Applied Arts, agrees and calls Peach Fuzz a versatile and adaptable colour. She acknowledges that its warm and comfortable tone, coupled with its ability to blend with various palettes, makes it an ideal choice for Indian homes.

Peach Fuzz for Indian homes?

Though experts are all praise for this colour in the context of home decor, there is also a unanimous suggestion of using it in moderation.

Krsnaa Mehta, founder and design director at India Circus, who finds the colour quite ‘fresh’, says that one should try to use peach sparingly, especially for walls. “Use it in a way that it accents other things around you,” he says, while adding that it shouldn’t overpower space.

Echoing similar thoughts, Hardesh advises tactfully incorporating this colour through accent walls or upholstery, balancing it with traditional Indian elements, and ensuring it doesn’t dominate the entire interior scheme.

Punam too, suggests homeowners limit the colour’s use to accessories or small furniture pieces to keep interiors current without letting it overpower.

Krsnaa Mehta explains that peach is a colour that’s ideal for countryside homes rather than bustling metropolises. “I think this is a great colour for a home that’s not in the city. I don’t see this colour being used in a metropolis like Bombay so much because everything is so hectic around you. It will work very well surrounded with greenery and surrounded with views that are softer to the eye,” he explains.

Use peach in homes surrounded by greenery, as the colour complements plants. (Photo: Getty Images)

“Just imagine looking at the wall in this colour and then looking at the skyscraper next to you. Would be quite a downer,” he adds.

How to add peach to your home?

You should certainly consider adding peach accents to your bedroom or a relaxing space.

“This hue effectively uplifts spirits, creating a welcoming environment that inspires optimism and positivity. Recognised for its stress-alleviating properties, peach promotes overall well-being, making it an ideal choice for areas dedicated to relaxation or socialising. Ultimately, it cultivates a tranquil ambience, enriching the home with a sense of calm,” says Hardesh.

Peach Fuzz is a ‘delightful’ colour for home decor. (Photo: Instagram/Pantone)

Punam warns against going the extra mile with peach owing to the ever-changing dynamics of home colour trends.

“You can always bring in peach with accessories and accentuations, and not overdo it because it’s very difficult to change your interiors or fabrics or curtains every year,” she adds.

Add peach to your home with a statement chair. (Photo: Getty Images)

“Peach is perfect for art deco-style homes and also looks truly stunning on Victorian-style homes,” says Atreyee Choudhury, founder of Bengaluru-based interior design firm De Panache.

If your place is not particularly spacious, it’s advisable to keep your peach makeover ideas minimal.

Check out these tips as shared by the experts:

  • Use printed wallpapers, cushion covers or rugs with peach as the base.
  • Use peach in homes surrounded by greenery, as the colour complements plants. If you decide to paint a wall, you can add a lush green plant in front to accentuate the whole look.
  • Instead of painting all the walls peach, consider having one statement wall or a passage wall in this colour.
  • You can introduce peach with small pieces of furniture like ottomans, side tables or the base of a cabinet.
  • Smaller items like door knobs and mirror frames are also great ways to add peachiness to your home without letting it dominate.
  • Use peach in unexpected ways like for front door paint, light fixtures or an abstract painting.
  • Accessories like figurines, ornamental trays and lampshades look pretty as well.

Colours that complement peach

Peach, of course, can’t be the only colour your home boasts. Whether you decide to use it as a primary colour or add it with a minimal approach, the complementing colours define the outcome. So, here are some expert-approved colours that you can team with peach while setting up your home.

Shades of white and ivory complement Peach well. (Photo: Getty Images)

  • White and eggshell white
  • Shades of ivory
  • Grey
  • Shades of green
  • Deeper tones like reds, browns and terracotta

Peach or not, always keep in mind that your home should evoke happiness and reflect your personality.

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