Samsung Galaxy S24 series launched: Gemini and 3 other Google AI features coming to the smartphones

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The Samsung Galaxy S24 series has officially made its global debut. Besides the big upgrades in camera and battery, the Galaxy S24 series’ highlight is its in-built AI features. We have been seeing some AI features here and there on smartphones for years, but starting with Google Pixel 8 and now the Galaxy S24 series, we are now starting to see generative AI embedded in smartphones on a hardware level.

At the Galaxy Unpacked 2024, Samsung announced that the Galaxy S24 series of smartphones will use Gemini AI, Google’s new multimodal artificial intelligence model. In addition to that, the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, and the Galaxy S24 Ultra will also come with new AI features for Google Messages and Android Auto. Let’s dive into the details.

Gemini in Samsung Galaxy S24 series

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series will have access to Google’s new Gemini AI model. The smartphones will employ all three versions, Gemini Pro, Gemini Ultra and Gemini Nano, in different default apps on the smartphone. Using Gemini Pro on the Galaxy S24 series smartphones, users will be able to interact with Samsung apps in “more helpful ways”. Samsung Notes, Voice Recorder and Keyboard apps will use the AI model to give users better summarisation features. Imagen 2 on the Galaxy S24 series will also let smartphone users access Generative Edit features within the Samsung Gallery app.

In addition to that, the Galaxy S24 series will also come with a built-in Gemini Nano, which will add new capabilities to the Google Messages app, which Google says, will basically ensure that a user’s data does not leave the smartphone.

Google Gemini Ultra, on the other hand, will also be supported on the Galaxy S24 devices. However, Samsung is apparently still testing the version with its developers, and some capabilities and features based on Gemini Ultra will likely be available by the end of 2024.

Circle to Search

Google has announced a new feature for search to make it “more intuitive and natural”. Called Circle to Search, the feature is rolling out exclusively on Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro devices, and on the Samsung Galaxy S24 series of smartphones. The feature will be rolling out starting January 31. Circle to Search will allow users to search for a query while using an app on their smartphone, by a simple gesture on the screen of their smartphone. For instance, if a user is surfing a social media app and spots a dog wearing a hat, and want to buy that hat, instead of switching the app and opening Google or some other app to search that hat (that’s how you would search a query right now), you can simply circle, tap, scribble or highlight the object, the hat in this case, on the screen, and you will see a Google Search drawer pop up from the bottom of the screen with results.

Magic Compose in Google Messages

A feature that has been in beta for a while now, is finally coming in a stable form for the Samsung Galaxy S24 series smartphones. Thanks to Gemini Nano embedded in the Galaxy S24 series, the phones will now get a new feature called Magic Compose which will basically allow you to draft messages on the default app in different styles. What do we mean by ‘styles’? You can suggest the tone of the message you are looking for –– whether you want to be funny, formal or even lyrical –– and the Magic Compose feature will help you draft a message accordingly. Additionally, Google Message will also let you create iMessage-like stickers from any pictures in your Gallery app.

AI in Android Auto

The Galaxy AI Phones will also use AI capabilities in Android Auto. The Samsung Galaxy S24 series, while in the Android Auto mode, will automatically summarise long texts or group chats. This will allow you to stay in touch with what’s happening on your phone without getting distracted by each message.

Additionally, Android Auto will also suggest the replies and messages you can send in response. All of these interactions will be hands-free.

Google also says that with the Galaxy S24 series, Android Auto will reflect the colour scheme and wallpaper on your smartphones, which will give you a sense of continuity.

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Jan 17, 2024

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