‘I will fight you for next 30 years…’: Mahua Moitra after expulsion as MP

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After TMC’s Mohua Moitra was expelled as Lok Sabha MP on Friday, she blasted the ethics panel and said, “I am 49 years old, I will fight you for the next 30 years inside Parliament, outside Parliament.”

Speaking to reporters after being expelled as an MP, Moitra alleged the ethics committee and its report “broke every rule in the book”.

She said the ethics panel report was based solely on two private citizens, whose versions “contradicted each other in material terms”.

Moitra also said the parliamentarians were like “conveyor belts” who would bring people’s issues to Parliament and raise them, but the “kangaroo court punished me without any evidence”.

Earlier today, Opposition members walked out of Lok Sabha amid voting in the House to expel Mahua Moitra for ‘unethical conduct’.

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