Ex-Microsoft HR VP shares what people can do after getting laid off, says consider legal options

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The year 2023 has been quite stressful for thousands of techies across the globe, who lost their jobs as part of the layoffs carried out at various companies. From Amazon and Google to Microsoft and Accenture, some of the biggest tech giants laid off thousands of their employees abruptly this year. LinkedIn was flooded by messages from affected people, talking about their layoff journey and sharing their hardships. Some employees shared that they got the layoff mail at 4:00 am while others shared that they were on maternity/paternity leave when they found out that they no longer had a job.

Now, Microsoft’s former HR VP Chris Williams, in an authored article for Business Insider, mentioned a few things that he would do after being laid off. He shared that he had also been a “victim” of layoffs earlier in his life and wanted to advise people who are stuck in this situation about what they should do.

The first thing that Williams lists is to go through all the paperwork carefully. People often get overwhelmed when they hear about their layoff and it is quite natural. However, going through all the paperwork is quite important. Before signing anything, take your time in analysing and thoroughly understanding all that is written.

The next point that Williams makes is that you should keep in mind if you have any sort of leverage in the whole scenario. For instance, you might be able to change the terms and conditions of your layoff if you are in a “protected clas” or have special conditions like being pregnant, on medical leave, etc.

“Perhaps you have extended tenure or specialized knowledge the company is dependent on. This leverage may allow you to push back on the package you’ve been offered,” Williams writes.

He then asks all affected by layoffs to consider taking the legal route. If you belong to a protected class or have another special status, consulting a lawyer might be beneficial. He also urges people to about getting legal advice or simply having a lawyer review the paperwork. Seeking legal advice can protect your rights and ensure you get what’s fair.

The next steps involve updating your LinkedIn, deciding whether to share your story publicly, and digging deep in your professional network for opportunities.

Williams also advises people to keep building their professional network, even when they aren’t getting laid off. Having a strong network can really go a long way in professional scenarios.

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Divyanshi Sharma

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Dec 8, 2023

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