‘Conjuring Kannappan’ Review: Sathish’s film offers sporadic laughs

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Horror comedy is a genre that is not new to Tamil cinema. In fact, it’s a genre that has been done to death and shredded to pieces. However, when the trailer of ‘Conjuring Kannappan’ dropped, it sparked curiosity. The movie revolves around a ghost in a haunted palace, but in a dream. The concept and the laughs worked in the trailer. Has ‘Conjuring Kannappan’ lived up to expectations? Let’s find out!

KP (Sathish) is a gamer looking for a job. Just as he prepares for his interview, trouble strikes when the house runs out of water. He decides to open a well that hasn’t been used in years and discovers a haunted dreamcatcher, from which he plucks a feather. This act lands him in trouble as he begins experiencing haunting dreams, encountering ghosts in a haunted palace.

Though he seeks the help of an exorcist and psychiatrist, he still experiences the same dream every time he sleeps. Exorcist Ezhumalai (Nasser) explains that whoever plucks the feather will enter the same dream. KP is then joined by his family members, including a boxer-cum-comedy-villain, Devil Armstrong (Anandraj), and psychiatrist Dr. Johnny (Redin Kingsley).

‘Conjuring Kannappan’ is a horror comedy written and directed by Selvin Raj Xavier. The horror comedy is a genre that is exploited in Tamil cinema. And ‘Conjuring Kannappan’ is yet another example of why the genre shouldn’t be attempted without having a solid screenplay. The concept of having a haunted dreamcatcher is interesting, but it wasn’t used to a great extent to either invoke fear or laughter.

Take a look at the trailer of ‘Conjuring Kannapan’:

In the world of ‘Conjuring Kannappan’, the director believes that blaring noises will induce fear. However, you’re left with an earache as you are half an hour into the film. The jumpscares do not work, nor do the ghost scenes. What ended up entertaining the audience were some of the comedy scenes featuring the ensemble cast. The scenes where KP and his team struggle to avoid sleep are funny.

Like every other horror comedy film, ‘Conjuring Kannappan’ also deals with a revenge story in the flashback. The flashback portions work to an extent and it was backed by decent performances as well. Sathish and exorcist Regina Cassandra deliver a decent performance. However, Nasser went overboard with his act. Saranya Ponvannan, Anandraj, VTV Ganesh and Redin Kingsley helped the main cast with their performances.

‘Conjuring Kannappan’ is a time-pass horror comedy, which has few laughs here and there.

2 out of 5 stars for ‘Conjuring Kannappan’.

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Dec 8, 2023

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