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In the world of personal finance, credit cards have become more than just a way to pay bills. Some credit cards go above and beyond, offering special perks and awesome deals. These super premium credit cards are not just about spending money, they are also about giving you a taste of the good life while being practical. We have rounded up five of these super premium credit cards, each offering exclusive deals that redefine what a credit card can do.
Keep in mind that these credit cards are not ranked in any particular order. Your choice of credit card should align with your individual preferences and financial needs. Please be aware that credit card policies may change in accordance with the banks’ discretion and policies. You are advised to verify the current terms and conditions directly with the issuing banks to ensure accuracy, as the details presented here are subject to potential updates or modifications.
HDFC Infinia Credit Card Metal Edition
Regarded as a premier super-premium card, the HDFC Infinia Credit Card Metal Edition presents a range of advantages, such as complimentary priority pass membership, unrestricted access to lounges worldwide, and exclusive perks related to travel and dining. Additionally, the card offers substantial rewards for retail expenditures, making it an optimal choice for individuals seeking rewards, lounge privileges, and air miles. The annual fee for this card is Rs 12,500, excluding taxes.
HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card
Tailored for international travelers and those in pursuit of substantial rewards, the HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card offers a multitude of benefits, including memberships to premium services, reward points on various expenditures, and comprehensive insurance coverage. The annual fee for this card is Rs 10,000, excluding taxes.
Axis Bank: Axis Reserve Credit Card
Known for its luxurious features, the Axis Reserve Credit Card comes with chauffeured airport services, unlimited access to domestic and international lounges, and attractive discounts on entertainment, dining, and travel. The annual fee for this card is Rs 50,000, excluding taxes (waived on eligible spends* of Rs 35,00,000 in the preceding year).
Citi Prestige Credit Card
Citi Prestige Credit Card provides annual benefits valued at Rs 10,000 specifically for stays at Taj Group or ITC Hotels. Cardholders, both primary and add-on, enjoy unlimited access to priority pass lounges. Additionally, the card includes a complimentary night’s stay when booking a minimum of four consecutive nights at any hotel or resort, along with various other perks. The annual fee for this credit card is Rs 20,000.
SBI Aurum Credit Card
Designed for the discerning traveler, the SBI Aurum credit card offers a bouquet of benefits, including milestone rewards, generous welcome bonuses, and a variety of reward points that can be redeemed across various categories, from flight tickets to hotel bookings. The annual fee for this card is Rs 9,999, excluding taxes. This fee is reversed on spending Rs 12 lakh during a card membership year.


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