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Emballator is a Business Reporter client.

Business Reporter: Emballator

Emballator UK is your first choice for packaging. As a British manufacturer of both metal and plastic packaging solutions we offer a diverse range of innovative ways to contain and present your products, from cutting-edge packaging technology to eco-friendly options and tailored designs to meet your unique needs.

We know how important packaging’s role is in consumer choice, and how designing the perfect packaging can be extremely challenging. The primary function of packaging is to contain and protect the product, but there are many other characteristics brand owners expect from their packaging suppliers: functionality and convenience, sustainable materials, affordability, to name a few. And with so many conflicting priorities, it can be difficult to strike the right balance.

Customers will be steered by their existing suppliers, who will have their own commercial biases leaning to their own product offerings. The plastic vs metal debate is a case in point, particularly when it comes to sustainability, and this is where Emballator can help. We are the only UK manufacturer of both metal and plastic packaging solutions, so we won’t promote one material over the other. That means we can offer you unbiased advice on the right packaging solution for your business. Whether your priorities are cost, sustainability, or functionality, we’ll have the right packaging solution for you.

Our metal packaging ranges from 375ml to six-litre cylindrical cans, and conical pails of 10 to 25 litres. Many of our products also have the option of UN certification for those customers that require it.

In plastic, our product offering range in volume from 2.5 litres to 10 litres. These come in many different offerings depending on your requirements.

Sustainability is at the heart of our core values, so all our plastic packaging has the option of using 30 per cent post-consumer waste (PCW) recycled content. For those customers who are even more environmentally conscious, we have our award-winning 100 per cent PCW product range.

At Emballator we have a diverse team of highly skilled professionals who specialise in packaging materials, most of whom have spent their entire careers within the packaging industry. You’ll be in safe hands when you choose Emballator as your packaging supplier.

The next few years will see many changes in the packaging industry, from legislative to technological and consumer behaviour, which are all driving the need for more sustainable packaging solutions.

At Emballator, we believe in the power of collective action to create a sustainable future. As an independent manufacturer of both metal and plastic packaging we can guide you through this labyrinth of changes and together we can innovate, collaborate and make a positive change in the world of packaging. Let’s embrace eco-friendly practices, reduce waste and inspire others to do the same. Take action with Emballator today and be part of a solution for a greener tomorrow.

From design to delivery, we specialise in creating sustainable packaging that not only protects but captivates. Elevate your brand and product presentation with Emballator’s innovative packaging solutions.


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