India bars cabin crew from using mouthwash and drugs with alcohol to prevent false tipsy test report – Times of India

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NEW DELHI: Crew members of Indian carriers, charter operators, flying schools and government departments are no longer allowed to use mouthwash, tooth gel, drug and any product that has alcoholic content to avoid testing positive in their pre or post flight breath analyser (BA) tests. And all maintenance personnel will now be subjected to BA examination for alcohol consumption before undertaking any taxi operation of aircraft.These tests are conducted to ensure perfectly sober personnel are operating flights. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has issued a modified civil aviation requirement (CAR or rule) for “procedure for medical examination of aircraft personnel for alcohol consumption” that brings about this change with immediate effect.
“No crew member shall consume any drug/formulation or use any substance such as mouthwash/tooth gel or any such product which has alcoholic content. This may result in a positive BA test. Any crew member who is undergoing such medication shall consult the company doctor before undertaking flying assignment,” the amended rule says.
“For operators other than scheduled operators, each flight crew and cabin crew of all flights originating from India shall be subjected to pre-flight BA examination at first departure airport during a flight duty period. However, where infrastructure does not exist, the flight crew and cabin crew shall undergo post-flight BA examination. In case the flight crew and cabin crew are away from base station for more than two days and operate a flight from there, the operator shall provide facility for conduct of their pre-flight BA examination,” it says.
Additional crew members travelling in cockpit or to operate a flight involving ramp to ramp transfer will now be subjected to pre-flight BA test at the starting station. All positive or missed BA tests cases have to be reported to the DGCA within 24 hours of occurrence. Scheduled operators have to record this test on camera and the recording needs to be preserved for six months. Non-scheduled operators and state government aircraft operators also need to do the same at their base station.

DGCA’s move for crew members: ‘No more alcohol-containing toiletries!’

Crew tests positive in a post-flight BA test for the first time will face suspension of license or approval for a year. Those who miss the post flight test for the first and second time will face suspension for three months and a year, respectively. Crew testing BA positive in post flight in one instance and missed BA test in another instance or vice versa will face suspension of license/approval for three years, under the revised rules.


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