Fukrey 3s Actor Varun Sharma Steals The Show With Cheeky One-Liners And Funny Antics – Check Reactions

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Mumbai: Actor Varun Sharma’s standout performance in ‘Fukrey 3′ is winning the audiences’ hearts. Everyone who has watched the film has only endorsed Varun Sharma’s portrayal of Choocha in the latest installment of the ‘Fukrey’ franchise.

One trade expert tweeted, “But the one who’s bound to walk away with ceetees and taalis is – no prizes for guessing – #Choocha (#VarunSharma). His cheeky one-liners, the bromance (with his gang of friends) and one-sided romance (with #BholiPunjaban) is the soul of #Fukrey3”.

The early reactions in tweets have hailed Varun’s performance. One user wrote, “Just watched #Fukrey3 and Choocha steals the show yet again! His comic timing is unparalleled. #ChoochaForPresident…” Another user said, “Every time Choocha comes on screen, you know you’re in for a laugh riot! #Fukrey3 #ChoochaMagic…” One fan wrote, “Choocha’s dreams in #Fukrey3 are wilder and funnier than ever! Can’t get enough of his antics. #Choocha”

A film connoisseur mentioned on social media, “From #Fukrey to #Fukrey3, Choocha’s evolution has been a joy to watch. Still the heart and soul of the gang! Choocha’s infectious energy and hilarious one-liners in #Fukrey3 had the entire theater in splits! Truly the MVP of the movie”. Sharma, with his impeccable comic timing and infectious charm, has delivered consistently solid performances throughout his career. He first burst onto the Bollywood scene with his role as Choocha in the original ‘Fukrey’ film, which released 10 years ago. His character of Choocha character instantly struck a chord with audiences.

Sharma, expressing his heartfelt gratitude to the audiences who find his innocence endearing, said, “I’m truly humbled and thankful to all the wonderful viewers who connect with the innocence in my characters. Your love and support inspire me to keep bringing laughter and joy to the screen. It’s a privilege to make you smile, and I promise to keep doing so in every role I take on.”

Choocha’s unique blend of innocence and quirkiness made him an endearing character, and Sharma’s portrayal made him an overnight sensation. In ‘Fukrey 3’, Varun Sharma once again shines as Choocha, the lovable dreamer whose quirky antics steal the show.

Sharma’s enthusiasm, sets him apart ensuring that he not only entertains but also leaves a lasting impact. His performances resonate with audiences of all ages, making him a favorite among both the youth and family audiences.

As ‘Fukrey 3’ takes the box office by storm, it’s clear that Sharma is an indispensable part of the franchise’s success. His portrayal of Choocha is the heart and soul of the film.


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