Fashion Tips: How Men And Women Should Dress Up This Festive Season

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The festive season has started in India with Ganesh Chaturthi and the next couple of months will witness Durga Puja and Navratri, and then Diwali, Bhai Dooj and Karva Chauth. Good food, new clothes and accessories – these are festival staples. Every festive season brings with it new trends. So if you have been racking your brain as to how to dress up this year, here are some suggestions from fashion experts.

Womenswear Trends For Festive Season 2023 

Womenswear, of course, always dominate the market.  Kanika Vohra, Co-founder of ICH NEXT, predicts the trends for womenswear this festive season. “Festive season in 2023 observes a confluence of emotions, cultures and expressions that span historic explorations. With India becoming a world example for cultural tolerance, digital progression and socio-economic strength, the season draws a parallel to the country’s historic trade initiatives, namely that of the silk route. This festive season boldens a Persia-Africa-India – Oriental narrative in hyper-maximalist manners for women’s ethnic wear,” says Vohra.

She adds, “Except to see a revival of elongated Pakistani yokes, mixed-media kutch embroideries, Aba kurtas, the Jeliga’ and cuffed Kaftans with pattern trends like the Persian arts of Isfahan and Abadeh, Oriental florals and African adinkra amongst others.”

Menswear Trends For Festive Season 2023

Anuradha Chandrashekar, Co-Founder and Chief Creator ICH NEXT, an Indian wear fashion forecaster, predicts what menswear is likely to rule this festive season, “This festive season observes a sense of quiet, regal composure with measured experiments, in Indian ethnic menswear. A confluence of patterns, seen through the eyes of a traveller – merging diverse cultures with an undifferentiated, harmonious lens. Tribal motifs, monumental rug patterns, oriental architecture and fauna blend to a rich, palette of patterns; expressed in casual and formal festive attires.”

He adds, “Traditional Persian costumes of nomads, warriors and royalty inspire a distinguished, almost aristocratic style of utilitarian fashion. Sharply tailored shirts and kurtas, multi-pocketed details, layered bandis and cavalry trims sum up the key silhouette direction to the season.” 





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