Share of Chinese brands falls for the first time in Indian TV market – here’s why – Times of India

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Chinese TV brands in India are experiencing a decline in market share, marking a similar trend seen in the smartphone sector, according to an ET report. Key reasons include strategic adjustments by established players like LG and Samsung, who have lowered entry-level model prices while capitalizing on premium offerings since the onset of the pandemic. Simultaneously, Chinese brands have scaled back their focus on low-margin product categories to curb cash burn.
Industry executives quoted by ET suggest that Chinese companies like OnePlus and Realme may either exit or significantly downsize their presence in the Indian television market. Despite attempts to seek comments by the financial daily, OnePlus and Realme did not respond to inquiries by the time of press.
According to recent data from Counterpoint Technology, Chinese brands’ share of TV shipments dropped from 35.7% in the April-June quarter of the previous year to 33.6% during the same period this year. Executives quoted above anticipate further declines in July and August, with Chinese brands’ market share potentially dipping further.
The decline in Chinese brands’ shipments can be attributed to consumer preferences shifting towards mid-range and premium models from players like Samsung, LG, and Sony.
Anshika Jain, a senior analyst at Counterpoint, commented, “The reason for the decline in the shipments of Chinese brands is due to the consumer preference for the mid-segment and premium models from Samsung, LG, and Sony, and also growing interest towards other brands like Sansui and Acer as we have seen frequent upgrades happening in the market, expanding the choices for the customers.”
Pulkit Baid, director of Great Eastern Retail, noted that the television market is undergoing consolidation and correction. He stated, “While brands like Llyod are getting aggressive, the Chinese brands, which had earlier penetrated significantly, are now wrapping up their losses.”
In the smartphone sector, Chinese brands have been steadily losing market share for four consecutive quarters. They are moving away from the entry-level segment, priced below Rs 7,000-8,000, where they once dominated, and are now focusing on competing with Samsung, Apple, and others in the mid-to-premium range to enhance profitability.
Chinese brands remain dominant in the smartphone market, but in the TV segment, they face fewer competitors, creating opportunities for other brands to gain traction.
From 2017-18, Chinese brands such as Xiaomi, OnePlus, Realme, TCL, and iFfalcon disrupted the Indian TV market by offering models at significantly lower prices, challenging established players like LG, Samsung, and Sony. This fierce price competition led to the exit or reduced emphasis of major brands on entry-level models.
Avneet Singh Marwah, CEO of SPPL, which holds licenses to sell Kodak, Thomson, and Blaupunkt television brands in India, explained, “The strategy of the Chinese TV brands was to cut prices to gain quick market share. This increased their losses. Plus, television panel prices have become so volatile that it is very difficult to generate profit without dedicated focus.”
Marwah added that Chinese brands are now turning their attention to their primary product—smartphones, presenting an opportunity for other brands like the ones he sells to gain market share.


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