Navya Nanda Talks About Privilege And Respect On Nikhil Kamaths WTF is the Next Gen Thinking? Podcast – Watch

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New Delhi: In the recent episode of investor Nikhil Kamath’s podcast, ‘WTF is the Next Gen Thinking?’, he engaged in an intriguing conversation with four beautiful and talented actresses Tara Sutaria, Navya Nanda founder of Project Naveli & Co-Founder of Aara Health, Kaivalya Vohra Co-Founder & CTO of Zepto and Aadit Palicha Co-Founder & CEO of Zepto. This episode witnessed multiple discussions with different viewpoints. Widely covering different aspects of the music and film exhibition industry, the guest on the podcasts Navya Naveli, Tara Sutaria, Aadit Palicha & Kaivalya Vohra addressed their opinions. 

Talking about the privilege, Navya Naveli says “I mean because I feel like I’m not the one who’s the star like I haven’t done that work. I haven’t gained that respect I have. I have no right projecting that just because I come from somewhere. She further talked about India having a lot of potential and not enough opportunities. 

She said, “I do but like I said earlier I think there is a lot of potentials and not enough opportunities, and I understand why we have a very large population I don’t see why it’s easy to give everyone an opportunity but I think there is a lot of potentials at least from what I’ve seen I employ a lot of young people I work with a lot of young people and I speak to a lot of young people and I think that they are not given a chance they are not given an opportunity and if they were given one I think that we would have been able to have a much larger conversation on this.”

She further says “When it comes to entitlement I think that at least for gens we have inherited a world where there are a lot of issues whether it’s social issues economic or even political issues think that there are a lot of issues and we are not given enough seats on the table to give our opinion on those issues we do feel a certain level of entitlement because we feel we aren’t given a chance for what we want if you’re saying that 60% of our population is young people then why are we not being given those seats at those tables whether it’s at companies, whether it’s at a political forum or whether it’s an entertainment or content”.

This is Nikhil Kamath’s 10th episode unveiling views on watching films and content on the big screens and enjoying them with the whole family. Prior to this, Sunil Shetty, Ajay Bijli, Kiran Shaw, Tanmay Bhatt, and Kishore Biyani attended.


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