How Pop Culture Affects GenZ Dating Choices? Heres What Study Reveals

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Pop culture wields a profound influence over our lives, permeating almost every facet of our existence, including the realm of romance. In the modern dating landscape, popular culture exerts an undeniable sway, steering individuals toward certain dating choices and preferences. From the silver screen to social media, the pop culture juggernaut not only reflects but also molds our perceptions of love, attraction, and compatibility.

For GenZ, a generation that is on the pulse of and part of changing trends and evolving cultures in India, pop culture plays a huge role in shaping their dating choices and relationship goals.

Bumble in their recent research on how popular culture such as music, theater, arts, literature, or content consumption affect GenZ dating decisions they choose for themselves. Per Bumble’s new nationwide survey, 29 percent of Indian GenZ look for someone who cares about pop culture (movies, music, art, literature, etc.) when it comes to dating.

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1. Love Language: GenZ hold emotional gestures very close to their heart and are not shy when it comes to expressing their feelings. For an overwhelming majority (84 percent) of Indian GenZ respondents having the same love language (physical touch, quality time, romantic gestures, etc.) is important when looking for a partner.

2. Music Strings Souls: We often hear music is the way to someone’s heart and that especially holds true for GenZ in India. A majority (76 percent) of Indian GenZ believe shared music taste is important when it comes to choosing a partner.

3. The ‘Arts’ of Dating: GenZ daters prefer to bond over their love for the arts, and literature and exchange their ideas about the world. 76 percent of Indian GenZ respondents say a shared interest in theatre, art, and literature is important for them when looking for a partner.

4. Foodies Generation: Food brings people together. This is a notion that has stood the test of time and GenZ is no different. Liking the same food is important for 71 percent of Indian GenZ respondents when they are looking for a partner.

5. Binge-watching in love: With content available in every form and format around us, a huge part of one’s lifestyle and conversations revolve around the content they consume. GenZ prefers to watch the same content with their partners as 70 percent of Indian GenZ respondents claim it to be important in relationships.


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