Comfy & Chic: 3 Fashion Hacks For Kids To Rock The Festive Season In Style

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The festive season is upon us, and it’s the perfect time for kids to showcase their unique style while feeling comfortable. This guide unveils essential fashion hacks for parents and little fashionistas to keep their style game strong during festivities. From cozy yet trendy layers to mix-and-match ensembles that exude panache, we’ve curated a collection of tips and tricks to ensure your child feels confident and looks absolutely stylish. 

In conversation with Zee News English, Swati Saraf, President, Les Petits shares guide to comfortable and stylish fashion hacks for kids this upcoming festive season.

“With festive season approaching swiftly in the upcoming months, parents are gearing up to start shopping for their kids. They are enthusiastic to scout the shops to find the best attire for their children,” says Swati Saraf.

Harbouring the desire to don their kids with the right clothes to match the festive fervor, here are some fashion hacks to help your kids create a statement this festive season.

3 Tips & Tricks For Kids To Wear Comfortable and Stylish Clothes This Festive Season

Let’s transform their wardrobe into a fashion wonderland, blending comfort and fashion seamlessly for a joyful and memorable celebration.

1. Play with pastels

Pastels come with the charm to stir delight amongst the spectators. Brewing the perfect concoction with a celebratory element attached to it while remaining understated makes it appealing for the festive season. Parents can play with a wide range of colors, covering soft pink, lavender, baby blue, mint green, mauve, and many more. 

The light colors can really accentuate the look of the kids when combined with delicate embroidery dresses. Choosing comfortable, easy-to-wear silhouettes in soothing hues of lavender, pink or blue can really complement each other to mesmerize the masses. Similarly, boys can create a cool demeanour by pairing pastel kurta set with jacket or wearing a light pink Bundi Jacket with kurta set.

2. Bling with a twist

It is time to break free from the erstwhile idea of blingy clothes resonating with proportion sequins or oversized embellishments, ruffles or frills. Redefining fashion for kids this festive season, parents can embrace minimalism fashion to help the child dazzle in the realm of elegance created with minimal embroideries.

3. Fondness for comfort

Being carried away by the glamour of festival, parents very often pay little heed to the comfort of the child. They deck them up with heavy clothes that can trigger irritation in a child. Therefore, while out for shopping, parents should choose wisely. 

Swati Saraf comments, “They should seamlessly blend elegance with ease for allowing the young ones to enjoy both comfort and style. Choosing breathable fabrics made of lightweight and soft materials can work wonders for kids. While creating a style statement, their clothes will not come in the way of their fun and recreation.”

Embrace the joy of the festive season with these stylish and comfortable fashion hacks for your little ones. Let their personalities shine through, making this season special and fashionable.


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