City regulator warns insurance firms to make sure they are offering fair value

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The City regulator has given firms producing a type of add-on insurance to motor cover an ultimatum to demonstrate they are providing fair value.

Firms that are unable to prove they are providing fair value to their customers should expect further action, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) said.

The FCA said it had identified evidence that some guaranteed asset protection (GAP) products may be failing to provide fair value to customers.

GAP insurance is an add-on to motor insurance, covering the difference between a vehicle’s purchase price and its current market value.

If the firms are unable to prove they’re providing fair value to their customers, they should expect further action from the regulator

Matt Brewis, FCA

It may be needed when there is a financial shortfall, if for example a customer’s vehicle is written off or stolen, or the motor insurance payout does not pay back the vehicle’s original value at purchase.

According to FCA data, for GAP insurance, only 6% of the amount customers pay in premiums is paid out in claims.

The FCA said it has also seen examples of some firms paying out up to 70% of the value of insurance premiums in commission to parties in the distribution chain, such as motor dealerships.

The regulator said it has told firms manufacturing GAP insurance products that they must take immediate action to prove customers are getting a fair deal, or it will intervene – giving firms a three-month ultimatum.

It has also sent letters to all insurance firms, reminding them of its expectations to make sure they are checking their products are providing fair value to their customers.

A new, wide-ranging consumer duty was introduced on July 31, requiring financial firms to put consumers at the heart of what they do, from designing products to dealing with customers.

Matt Brewis, director of insurance at the FCA, said: “This is an early signal of the work we’ll be doing under the consumer duty.

“Customers should be reassured that we’re in their corner and are taking action where we see poor value being provided.

“If the firms are unable to prove they’re providing fair value to their customers, they should expect further action from the regulator.”


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