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Akasa Air, the low-cost Indian airline, has secured authorization to operate international routes, according to an ET report quoting sources. The airline plans to commence international flights, primarily targeting Middle Eastern destinations, possibly starting in December. The next steps involve the allocation of traffic rights by the government, followed by approvals from the respective countries.
These traffic rights are granted on a reciprocal basis between governments and their designated airlines, the report said. Notably, established routes between India and Middle East hubs like Dubai and Doha are already fully utilized and airlines cannot operate more flights than the allotted ones.
This development marks a significant milestone for Akasa Air, allowing the carrier to expand its horizons into potentially more profitable international routes which offer less competition. Additionally, operating longer routes enhances the efficiency of the airline’s aircraft utilization.
In a recent interaction with TOI, Akasa Air CEO Vinay Dube had said that the airline will look at international routes within the range of what 737 MAX flies. “We hope to launch our first international route by the end of this year. In terms of cities that we’re thinking of, they’re all within the range of where the 737 MAX flies, which is actually best in class. So a lot of the Middle East, a lot of Southeast Asia, it could be Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, this is the circumference of where we’re thinking internationally,” Dube had told TOI.

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Previously, airlines seeking international operation were required to accumulate five years of domestic flight experience and maintain a fleet of at least 20 aircraft. However, in 2016, the civil aviation policy was revised, eliminating the five-year experience requirement.
Despite its rapid growth, Akasa Air has faced challenges, including a series of resignations by 43 pilots within just two months, leading to operational disruptions. Consequently, the airline experienced a dip in market share, with over 630 flight cancellations in August.
In response, the airline has taken legal action, filing a case in the Bombay High Court against the resigning pilots, asserting that they did not adhere to the stipulated six-month notice period as outlined in their employment contracts.


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