Pallavi Joshi ‘hurt’ after Nasseruddin Shah’s calls ‘The Kashmir Files’ ‘disturbing’

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Pallavi Joshi responded to Naseeruddin Shah’s critique of ‘The Kashmir Files’ as ‘disturbing’. She has urged the actor to first watch the film and then make comments about it.


National Award winning actress Pallavi Joshi, recently addressed Nasseruddin Shah‘s comments regarding ‘The Kashmir Files’. In a recent interview with ETimes, the actress said, “Whatever Naseerji says gets circulated on social media. I am on social media, so I have read about his opinions but I have not seen them personally. Whatever Naseer Saab says about The Kashmir files, I have only one request for him that he should first watch our film and then say whatever he has to say.”

She continued, “The Kashmir Files is not the kind of film that he is thinking of. Having reached this stage in life today, I feel that it is not right to believe in what I hear. There’s no maturity in believing what you hear. When I talk openly about anything, I always collect all the information related to that subject. If I have to talk about any film, whether its The Kashmir Files or any other film, then I will definitely watch the film first.”

She admitted feeling ‘hurt’ by his comments and expressed respect for him as an artist. “I respect Naseer bhai a lot, he is a very good artist and I request him to watch my film once. We have worked together in many films, so I know him well. Now if he comments on my film without seeing it, it hurts, but what to do? The world is like this,” she stated.


Naseeruddin Shah recently also criticised the box office hits ‘Gadar 2’ and ‘The Kerala Story’ for their jingoistic content. In response, actor Nana Patekar defended the films, questioning Shah’s understanding of nationalism. He stated that expressing love for the nation is not wrong and that films like Gadar are bound to have such content.

‘The Vaccine War’ actor said, “Did you ask Naseer what nationalism means to him? According to me, showing love for the nation is nationalism and it is not a bad thing.”

He added, “The kind of film Gadar is, it will have that kind of content and I have not seen The Kerala Story, so I cannot comment on that.”

Take a look at ‘The Vaccine War’ trailer below:

Nana Patekar and Pallavi Joshi will be next seen together in ‘The Vaccin War’, helmed by Vivek Agnihotri. The film will depict the real-life account of the creation of Covaxin amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in India.

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Sep 14, 2023


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