Karnataka man arrested for stealing buffaloes 58 years ago

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The Karnataka Police on Wednesday arrested a man accused of stealing buffaloes in 1965. Vittal, a 74-year-old was arrested in Bidar after absconding on bail for 58 years.

However, when he was produced before a court after arrest, he was again released on bail due to his old age.

Vittal and another accused, who is now dead, had stolen two buffaloes from a resident of Mehker village in Karnataka in 1965. In the same year, the cattle were tracked and returned to their owner by police.

The two accused were arrested and were sent to judicial custody. However, they absconded to Maharashtra after getting bail, following which a court listed the case under LPC (Long Pending Case).

When Bidar Police reopened a long list of pending cases, they tracked Vittal, who was nearly 20 at the time of the theft. His co-accused Krishan Chander and the complainant, Kulkarni, have both passed away.

According to police, this was the longest pending case for Bidar Police and a special team was formed to trace Vittal.

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Sep 13, 2023

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