I support your sacred battle with the West: North Korea’s Kim tells Putin

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un told Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin on Wednesday that Russia was fighting a sacred war with the West and that the two countries would battle with “imperialism” together.

“Russia has risen to a sacred fight to protect its sovereignty and security… against the hegemonic forces,” Kim told Putin via a translator.

“We will always support the decisions of President Putin and the Russian leadership… and we will be together in the fight against imperialism.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin shook hands with a beaming North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at the Vostochny Cosmodrome on Wednesday, images released by the Kremlin showed, kicking off a meeting that could see the internationally isolated leaders forge an arms deal.

Accompanied by an entourage that suggested a strong military focus for the summit, the North Korean leader travelled overland to Russia in his bullet-proof train, the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported.

Kim thanked Putin for inviting him to visit, despite the Russian leader’s “busy schedule”, having earlier stressed the trip — his first post-pandemic foreign travel — showed North Korea was “prioritising the strategic importance” of its Russia ties.

(With inputs from Reuters and AFP)

Published On:

Sep 13, 2023


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