‘Will pull out their tongues’: Rajasthan minister on people against ‘Sanatana Dharma’

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Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat on Monday attacked those speaking against Sanatana Dharma, saying “their tongue will be pulled out and their eyes will be plucked out”.

Addressing an election rally in Rajsthan’s Barmer during the BJP’s Parivartan Sankalp Yatra, the Union Minister of Jal Shakti said that “some people are trying to end Sanatana Dharma that our ancestors preserved at the cost of their lives.”

“We will not tolerate them anymore. I want to inform those who speak against Sanatana Dharma that we will pull out their tongues if they do so. Those who look at it with disdain, we will pluck out every such eye,” said the minister in the rally.

Gajendra Singh said, “Anyone who speaks against the Sanatana Dharma will not be able to establish their political power and stature in the country”.

AIMIM’s supremo Asaduddin Owaisi tweeted the video of the minister and attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying, “As G20 is over and Point 78 of declaration has no relevance the Honourable Minister of Narendra Modi cabinet advocates violence. So now it is going to be an “Open Season”.”

Meanwhile, BJP MP Sadhvi Pragya also reacted to DMK leader Udaynidhi and actor Prakash Raj’s comments on Sanatana Dharma.

She said, “No one has the capacity to end Sanatana Dharma. People like DMK leader Udaynidhi and actor Prakash Raj, who make such statements about Sanatana Dharma, are not heroes but villains who speak against the country. They have no idea about what we are doing. The people who called Sanatana Dharma a disease like leprosy, malaria, dengue, and AIDS, should also experience the suffering of these diseases. This is my prayer to God.”

Earlier this month, Udhayanidhi Stalin alleged Sanatana Dharma is against equality and social justice and said it should be eradicated.

Likening Sanatana Dharma to coronavirus, malaria, and fever caused by dengue virus and mosquitoes, he said such things should not be opposed but destroyed.

His remarks sparked outrage with BJP’s IT department in-charge Amit Malviya stating the DMK leader had called for “genocide” of 80 per cent of the population who follow Sanatana Dharma.


In another incident, the Union minister attacked Rajasthan minister Shanti Dhariwal for his remark last year that linked “masculinity” with rapes, and said the Congress leader should be “thrown into the Arabian Sea” for his comments.

Dhariwal, who is the state’s urban development and housing minister, had triggered a row in March 2022 when appeared to justify rapes in the state Assembly, saying, “Rajasthan mardon ka Pradesh hai.”

Reacting to his statement, Shekhawat said Rajasthan is indeed a “state of men” and its “masculinity” kept Hinduism and Sanatan Dharma alive. But he described Dhariwal’s comment as a blot on that “masculinity”.

Targeting him, Shekhawat said that when Dhariwal insulted Rajasthan through his comments in the Assembly, Congress MLAs laughed and clapped like “impotent men” and “eunuchs”.

(With inputs from Aparnesh Goswami)

Edited By:

Manisha Pandey

Published On:

Sep 12, 2023


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