Sundarban honey, Kashmiri kesar, Banarasi stoles: PM Modi’s gifts to G20 leaders

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World leaders and international delegates recently visited India for the G20 Summit. As they departed for their nations, Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented them with special gifts. These gifts comprise a curated compilation of handcrafted artefacts that speak volumes about India’s rich cultural heritage and traditions.

Gifts, such as Sundarban honey, Kashmiri saffron, Baranasi stole, Araku coffee, Darjeeling tea and others, were meticulously curated to represent the unique diversity of India. Have a look at what G20 leaders received:

Banarasi Silk Stole

Made up of silk threads and intricate work, the Banarasi stole represents Varanasi’s cultural richness and its weaving heritage. It was presented to Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s wife, Mar­a Begoña G³mez Fernández.

The stole is presented in an Ebony wood Jali box, which has been handcrafted by artisans of Kerala using delicate lattice or ‘Jali’ work, on the extremely dense and fine textured Indian ebony wood.

Sheeshamwood Sandook

The Sheeshamwood Sandook comes with strips of brass, and has been hand-crafted using Sheesham (Indian Rosewood). The material is valued for its strength, durability, distinctive grain patterns and rich colour. The brass patti (strip) is embedded into the wood.

Kashmiri Kesar

Saffron (‘Zafran’ in Persian, ‘Kesar’ in Hindi) is the most exotic and expensive spice in the world. Across cultures and civilizations, saffron has been valued for its culinary and medicinal value.

Apart from being a luxurious and sought-after culinary spice, saffron is abundantly rich in antioxidants and provides many health benefits.

Pashmina Stole

Pashmina, a fabric from Kashmir, has been a symbol of royalty. The wool is obtained by combing (and not shearing) the undercoat of specific Himalayan goats.

Skilled artisans hand-spin, weave, and embroider their delicate fibers using age-old processes. The result is a light, warm and intricate stole that embodies timeless elegance and craftsmanship.

It was presented to Brazilian President Lula Da Silva’s wife Rosângela da Silva.

Sundarbans Multiflora Mangrove Honey

Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest in the world, located on the delta formed by the confluence of the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers in the Bay of Bengal.

It is home to wild colonies of honeybees. Before the culture of beehive farming, people used to hunt honeycombs from the wilderness.

Araku Coffee

Araku Coffee is the world’s first terroir-mapped coffee, grown on organic plantations in the Araku Valley of Andhra Pradesh. These coffee beans bear the essence of the valley’s rich soil and temperate climate.

The coffee is known for its unique texture and flavours.

Ikat Stole

The Ikat stole has its roots in Odisha. It is a traditional mulberry silk stole, made using the ‘Ikat’ technique. The process involved tying and dyeing on silk or cotton, while keeping the tied portions untouched.

The stole was presented to Mauritius PM Pravind Jugnauth’s wife Kobita Ramdanee, in a Teak wood box. The box has been handcrafted by artisans of Gujarat using the hardy and durable teak wood.

Khadi Stole

Khadi is an eco-friendly fabric known for its texture and versatility. It can be spun using cotton, silk, jute or wool.

The rural artisans of India, comprising 70% women, handspin and hand-weave these intricate threads into the ultimate fashion statements adorned across the globe.

Pekoe Darjeeling and Nilgiri Tea

The Pekoe Darjeeling and Nilgiri Tea is also known as ‘The Champagne of Teas’. The Darjeeling tea is the most valued in the world.

Only tender shoots are handpicked from shrubs, located on the hills of West Bengal at altitudes of 3000-5000 ft. These properties are reflected in the aromatic cup of this tea.

Sundarban honey, Kashmiri kesar, Banarasi stoles: PM Modi’s gifts to G20 leader

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Sep 12, 2023


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