Kachori vendor’s angry response to vlogger divides Internet. Video is viral

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In recent years, food vlogging has become a popular trend on social media platforms. These food vlogging videos often feature food enthusiasts exploring various food stalls, tasting a variety of dishes, and engaging in lively discussions with food vendors. This trend not only attracts views for the videos but also enhances the popularity of the food vendors. Be it the street-side eateries or posh restaurants, many vendors have been able to enjoy popularity due to these food vlogs. However, these interactions are not always amicable, as demonstrated by a recent video circulating on social media.

The video in question features a food vlogger in Kolkata questioning a chaat vendor about his work. The vlogger asks the vendor if he prepares the dish himself, to which the vendor responds rather rudely, “If I don’t make it, who else will? Does it come into being through a computer?” Attempting to clarify his question, the vlogger further asks if the people working under the vendor prepare the dish. The vendor, however, continues to respond angrily, asserting that he does all the work, including cooking and selling.

The vendor, seemingly irritated, advises the vlogger to ask only those questions that seem appropriate, adding that he is there for business, not to continuously answer questions. He suggests the vlogger should visit when he is free. He politely agrees to the vendor’s suggestion.

This video has sparked varied reactions among viewers, with some finding amusement in the heated exchange, while others have responded differently. See reactions below:

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Sep 12, 2023


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