I’m in tears: Delhi woman details sexual harassment in bus in viral post

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A Delhi woman has come forward with allegations of harassment while traveling on a Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) bus from her workplace to the metro station.

According to her account, she experienced inappropriate physical contact from a man in his 50s, an incident that has left her feeling not only deeply uncomfortable but also “disgusted.”

Expressing her encounter, the woman took to Reddit as an anonymous user to share her ordeal, stating, “I was harassed on the DTC bus, and I feel absolutely awful. I didn’t know how to react, and I’m in tears.”

As per the woman’s post, her journey on a packed DTC bus took an unsettling turn when she observed an elderly man standing closely behind her.

As time passed, she experienced an unsettling contact. Initially, she took it as an accident, but after encountering repeated similar actions, she asked him to keep some distance.

“I was taken aback and frustrated. I turned to him and said, ‘Please maintain some distance, alright.’ Just then, the bus driver hit the brakes, causing everyone to lurch forward. This distraction meant that people near me couldn’t fully grasp the situation. Despite raising my voice, the man simply ignored me and shifted behind me as though I were talking to someone else,” the woman wrote.

“I’m livid and feel utterly repulsed right now. I should have strongly reprimanded him using strong language. I should have made enough noise to get him thrown off the bus. But I was so shocked by what had just occurred that I couldn’t react,” she continued.

The incident has left many online readers furious, with one Reddit user stating, “No matter how you think you’ll react…when such a situation occurs, you often find yourself frozen, and the aftermath is a deep sense of disappointment in oneself”.

This comes days after a woman was raped by a Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) bus conductor who also took her obscene photos and videos in north Delhi’s Timarpur area. The accused then blackmailed the victim for more sexual favours. However, the accused was arrested by Delhi Police after the incident was reported.

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Sep 12, 2023


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