Hid body in bathroom, called buyer to house: Shocking details of Noida lawyer murder

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Revealing shocking details of the Noida lawyer murder case, the police said that the former Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer who killed his 61-year-old wife, a Supreme Court lawyer, in their bungalow had called a buyer to the house and showed him the property after the murder.

The police arrested the 62-year-old accused, Nitin Sinha, from the store room of bungalow number D-40 in Noida’s Sector 30, Uttar Pradesh, on Monday. He was allegedly hiding in the bungalow for over 24 hours after murdering his wife in the house on Sunday.


The police said that Nitin Sinha murdered Renu after an argument broke out between the couple at around 9am while having tea. This led to a physical fight between the two and Renu sustained a heavy blow on her head after falling down on the floor. Following this, Nitin strangled her to death with her hands.

During interrogation, Nitin Sinha revealed that he had frequent fights with his wife as she objected to selling the bungalow. Nitin Sinha told the police that he had finalised a deal to sell the bungalow for Rs 5.70 crore and had already taken Rs 55 lakh in advance. The bungalow’s proprietorship was transferred to the couple by Nitin Sinha’s parents.

The initial postmortem report revealed that Renu Sinha had injury marks on her face and strangulation marks on her neck. The police is awaiting the final postmortem and forensic report.


Nitin Sinha told the police that he had called the buyer, Antayesh Bhandari, and broker to the house after killing his wife Renu Sinha. The police said that Nitin hid the body in the bathroom on the upper floor of the house and showed the guests the ground floor.

Antayesh Bhandari told India Today that he had gone to see the property with his son and broker at around 12pm on Sunday. He said that Nitin Sinha looked nervous while showing him the property but he did not go to the floor upstairs as Nitin told them that his wife, a cancer patient, was sleeping and didn’t want to disturb her.


Renu’s family members said that she had bone cancer and used to keep her AC at a certain temperature, usually set at 24 degrees Celsius. The couple used to sleep in separate rooms to avoid any infection.

However, on the day of the murder, Nitin deliberately lowered the AC temperature to avoid any unpleasant odour from the body and had planned to flee abroad with the money, the family said.

When the police reached the spot, they also found the AC in Renu’s room set at a temperature of 20-22 degrees Celsius.


The incident came to light when Renu Sinha failed to respond to her brother’s repeated phone calls over two days. Concerned, her brother reported the matter to the police.

After forcibly gaining entry into the bungalow, the police discovered Renu’s body in the bathroom at around 5pm on Sunday. Meanwhile, Nitin was unreachable as his phone was turned off.

Following this, police launched a search for him and released a look-out notice around 6pm. The police scanned CCTV footage of the house and figured out that he was inside the bungalow as they couldn’t see him leaving the house. This was reinforced when Nitin Sinha switched on his mobile phone briefly and the location tracked to the bungalow.

The police launched a thorough search of the house and found him locked up inside the store room on the terrace.

The police found a credit card, debit card and passport on him when he was located in the store room. Nitin Sinha told the police that he planned to flee to the United Kingdom with the money he would have received after selling the house.


Renu Sinha visited the Supreme Court once or twice a month as she was suffering from cancer. She was declared cancer-free a month back but was still very weak, her family said.

Nitin Sinha, an Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer from the 1988 batch, had taken voluntary retirement (VRS) in 1998 and was receiving 50 per cent of his pension. After retiring, he devoted himself to taking care of the house.

The couple have a son who is a financial analyst abroad.

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Sep 12, 2023


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