7 tigers, including 5 cubs, die in 7 days in different states

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At least seven tigers, including five cubs died in the past seven days across different states. While one adult tiger succumbed to prolonged illness, the cubs were died allegedly due to hunger after being separated from mother. Forest officials have launched probe into these incidents.

In Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur Zoo, a tigress named Trisha died due to illness, the zoo authorities on Tuesday. Trisha, who was brought to Kanpur in 2010, had given birth to 14 cubs in the zoo. She fell ill in December last year and was under treatment at a hospital within the zoological park.

Another tigress was found dead on Tuesday in a field in Chandrapur in Maharashtra. The cause of the tigress’s death is yet to be determined. It is estimated to be about two and a half years old.

This death occurred five days after three cubs allegedly died of hunger in the same area. Two tiger cubs were found dead in the Ballarpur forest range, while one was in a near-death condition and was immediately taken for treatment. Unfortunately, it also succumbed to its condition later on. These cubs are believed to be 5 months old, and they had been separated from their mother, and possibly died due to hunger.

Last week death of two tiger cubs were reported from Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan, within a gap of two days. Forest officials found the cub during their regular patrolling, and they stated that the cub was so weak that it died before it could receive treatment. These cubs had also been separated from their mother, and search efforts to trace her are currently underway.

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Sep 13, 2023


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