Shah Rukh Khan’s message for elderly woman who said ‘Jawan achchi lagi’ is viral

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Despite his stardom, Shah Rukh Khan remains grounded and appreciative of his fans’ support. The actor recently went on a spree to interact with his fans on the social media platform X and thanked them for showering love on his latest film Jawan.

The actor responded to a person who shared a heartwarming video of his grandmother, expressing her admiration for the actor’s performance in the film.

The person named Udayan Shukla, who posted the heartwarming clip on the social media platform X, wrote, “Dear Shah Rukh Khan, My 85-year-old dadi is your biggest fan, she made sure that we take her to watch the movie. She loved Jawan and loves you too (sic).”

In the clip, the overjoyed grandmother, who is SRK’s “biggest fan”, says that she liked the film after her grandson asked for a review. She further said that she has watched all of the actor’s movies.

In the clip, a person asks, “Dadi Jawan dekhne ayi ho?” The 85-year-old replies by saying, “Ha jawan dekhna ayi hun. Tumlog humko laa nahi rahe the. Lekin meine kaha mein toh chalungi. Shah Rukh Khan ki picture humko bahut pasand hai. Hum sab picture dekhte hain. (You guys were not taking me but I insisted I wanted to go. I like Shah Rukh Khan a lot. I have seen all his films).”

The video recorder then asks, “Achi lagi aapko picture?” She says, “Haa achchi lagi (Yes, I liked it).”

Shah Rukh Khan commented on the adorable video and wrote, “Shukriya to Dadi lots of love to her and hope I can continue to make her smile with my films.”

Jawan, directed by Atlee, was released across theatres on September 7. It co-stars Nayanthara and Deepika Padukone.

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Sep 11, 2023


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