Caught on camera: Scooter breaks into pieces as car rams it, woman rider injured

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A woman riding a scooter was hit by a car in Haryana’s Fatehabad, and the entire episode was captured on CCTV. The car’s driver, after hitting the woman, fled the scene, leaving the victim in a serious condition.

Local bystanders rushed the injured woman to the hospital for immediate medical attention.

The harrowing incident unfolded as the woman on the scooter was crossing the road, while a car with its headlights on, collided with the scooter, throwing her off the vehicle.

The accident was promptly reported to the police, and they have launched a manhunt to locate and apprehend the driver of the fleeing car. The victim is currently undergoing treatment at a nearby hospital. Her condition remains critical..

The police are actively seeking any information from witnesses and are determined to bring the hit-and-run driver to justice.

(With inputs from Bajrang Meena)

Published On:

Sep 10, 2023


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